Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar

17 05 2007

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar

Oh boy, American chocolate again. American dark chocolate as well, the boys across the pond struggle with bog standard milk chocolate, let alone dark chocolate. Looks like I may be taking one for the team for this.

Now I’m being unfair, because this doesn’t look bad. It’s 60% cocoa which is a little low, but I’m ok with that because it means I can handle it. This is a foil wrapped bar from what I hear are a prestigious chocolate maker in America.

The bar is a long, thin slab of chocolate. It has ‘Ghirardelli’ printed into it, with their emblem of what is probably a dove, above it. As for the taste, it’s standard dark chocolate really. Bitter-sweet stuff, there’s no wow factor here for me. It’s not bad stuff, but you have to take your time with it, and the taste really isn’t THAT great, which is a shame.

If you like ordinary dark chocolate with no funny stuff, you’ll like this I guess. It has 180 calories, 19g of Carbs, 14g of Fat and 2g of Protein.



One response

18 05 2007

I’ve always been puzzled by Ghiradelli. I’m not that impressed by it as a chocolate bar (and I’m not sure about what its reputation is here in the States). I buy the chocolate chips because they’re better than Nestle and sometimes the 10 lb bars at Trader Joe’s (like Tesco) to make holiday candies … mostly because it’s pretty cheap ($23).

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