Firefox Green Tea, Lemon-Lime Warp Mints

23 05 2007

Firefox Green Tea, Lemon-Lime Warp Mints

This review should be shorter than yesterday’s because I don’t have to spend time describing the tin today, basically we are taking all the basics from the Cinnamon mints, and then just changing the flavour.

Today’s mints are Lemon-Lime flavoured, with Green Tea extract. Green tea is one of the latest health foods (well, drinks) hitting the market, claiming to cure everything from a poor sex life, to cancer, and everything inbetween. Whether it does or doesn’t is debatable, but I won’t get into that, what I will get into are the contents of this tin though.

The tin is of course green, I was hoping for some yellow effects as well but with the big ‘Green’ word on the front, I guess that wasn’t to be expected. The mints are of course green as well, and are the same size and there’s the same amount as there were of the cinnamon flavour. The taste is what’s different though.

It’s basically…lemon and lime flavoured. It’s a shame I can’t say anything different, but that’s it really. You pop one in, and the lemon and lime mix is done perfectly, you can easily taste the sourness of the lemon and the slightly more overpowering flavour of the lime. I don’t detect any green tea at all, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

These also have the ginseng and guarana, and once again they’re down at the bottom of the ingredients, and the green tea is only a few places above them, also above such wonderful sounding ingredients as Malic Acid, and Calcium Stearate.

I’m not sure what more I can say really, so I think I’ll just end it now and say that these are in my opinion a little better than the cinnamon flavoured mints, but just go with what you like. I unfortunately didn’t get the Peppermint ones at the time of ordering so they’ll have to be reviewed in the future at some point.




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