Wrigley’s Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

27 05 2007

Wrigley's Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

I almost cried when I saw this flavour, it reminded me of the Vanilla flavoured Coca Cola of ye old times. Actually I’m lying, I didn’t cry because I never liked that stuff, I just pretend to like it because everyone else says that they liked it, maybe they’re all lying too, maybe that’s why it was discontinued. Did you ever think about that?

Now if I thought the Grape-Berry blocks looked disgusting, then these are…well, super disgusting I guess. It’s hard to describe just how awful these blocks look. The block is rock hard, and two of the sides have an almost crumbly texture to them that just doesn’t look good, as if it’s supposed to be fizzy or something, instead it just makes it look old and dirty.

That’s how it tastes too, much less soft than the Grape-Berry flavour yesterday, it took some real mouth action to chew through this, and it wasn’t worth the effort at all. Far too much artificial cola, not enough artificial vanilla. Not a good flavour at all.

P.S. I know that Vanilla Coke has recently been reintroduced in USA again, so I don’t need smartass comments on that. 😀




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