Wrigley’s Cool Cola Hubba Bubba

28 05 2007

Cool Cola Hubba Bubba

It’s just my luck that the day after reviewing awful cola flavoured gum from one country, I get to review cola flavoured gum made by the same company only in another country. There’s no vanilla this time, and our packs are only half the depth of Australia’s and America’s, but that doesn’t make me any more enthusiastic about these.

My suspicions were confirmed when I opened one of the individual packs to see a piece of gum, with once again the crumbly texture on two sides. Why have Wrigley done this? It just doesn’t look good at all.

The gum is hard at the start, but because there’s less of it it gets soft quicker and is easier to chew. The taste isn’t much better than Australia’s, but it is better. Still very artificial, and it’s cola, not coke, and if you’ve experienced both you’ll know there’s a huge difference. Cola just doesn’t taste nice.




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