Wrigley’s Seriously Strawberry Hubba Bubba

29 05 2007

Wrigley's Seriously Strawberry Hubba Bubba

I’m starting to get sick of Hubba Bubba, reeeeal sick of it. It’s all so artificial and I miss my minty fresh breath. Girls are ignoring me because I have a big chunk of brown gum in my mouth, stinking of artificial cola, chewing away at it like a slack jawed yokal.

I prefer the UK versions simply because they’re smaller, but the taste is still bad, and ‘Seriously Strawberry’ isn’t any better.

This tastes like no strawberry I’ve ever had, I seriously cannot taste the strawberry in this at all, the sugar I can, and some sort of artificial fruit, but no strawberry. No sirree, boy am I glad I’ve only got 3 more flavours left.




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