Wrigley’s Strawberry-Watermelon Hubba Bubba Max

31 05 2007

Wrigley's Strawberry-Watermelon Hubba Bubba Max

Well, it seems we have Hubba Bubba Max here in the UK as well. Not that that’s a good thing, because one of them is Watermelon flavour! Ugh, I don’t know any kids that like watermelon, or get exicted about it, so why is this a bubble gum flavour?

Oh well, let’s get this out of the way. The pack is green and red to signify the fruits, and we’re back to the big slabs of gum that I’ve been happy to avoid over the past few days. And it stinks of watermelon as well, it’s a dark green colour on the outside, with red on the inside, it’s got a disgusting looking shine on it as well, ugh…

And the watermelon, oh it’s not good. Where’s the strawberry? Is that it…? No, more watermelon…oh, a bit of strawberry! No wait, more watermelon again. Good job Wrigley’s, the fact that there’s a tiny bit of strawberry covered gum covered by all that watermelon flavour means the strawberry can’t get through at all, and because watermelon is such a strong flavour, then that doesn’t help.

So basically, watermelon sucks, just like this gum.




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