Wrigley’s Sour Double Berry Hubba Bubba Max

1 06 2007

Wrigley's Sour Double Berry Hubba Bubba Max

Finally, the end of my Hubba Bubba reviews. This has been so disappointing it’s almost unreal, it’s hard to believe I haven’t liked one of their flavours, except for perhaps the apple flavour. Oh well, that’s not my fault.

Sadly Wrigley’s don’t tell us what berries they’ve used here, it’s double berry, but what are the berries, I can’t tell by the flavour either, so if anyone could tell me then I’d like to know.

The flavour here is slightly better than the others I’ve had, it’s more sour than before, but not in a good way. It just tastes so sugary and made me want to spit out the gum. Sugar is of course first on the ingredients, but I’m sure it has been on all the flavours.

I guess I’m officially too old for bubble gum, it’s sad really, but all these flavours are just so bad that anyone with an experienced palette will likely find these disgusting.




2 responses

10 06 2007

ive recently seen sour skittles in my local shop but again they have no nutritional value per 55g bag anyone know where i can find out? 😮

11 07 2008

You’re eating a bag of candy, why do you care about the nutritional value?

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