Kanebo Fuwarinka Rose flavoured Gum

2 06 2007

Kanebo Fuwarinka Rose flavoured Gum

This is an odd one, perfume flavoured gum. It’s made by a company called Kanebo, and of course it’s from Japan, who else would come up with such a thing? Or at least, who else would actually try and sell such a thing? This is rose flavour, and I mean rose perfume flavour, yes…it’s an odd one indeed…

Now when I say rose, I really mean rose. You can smell it before you’ve even opened the packet, and it doesn’t smell like something I want in my mouth.

Fortunately it tastes ok though, it’s not too strong and is a little floral and rose-like, and whilst it is a strange flavour to chew, it’s better than all of the Hubba Bubba flavours I had. According to J-List this is almost a super type of gum. Added Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid to help prevent skin aging, and adding a rose aroma to your body odour. Considering that J-List also said the Morinaga Petit Cheesecake tasted nice, then I’d take what they say with a pinch of salt.

It’s alright though, whether it’s my rosey body odour or rosey fresh breath, I was definitely rosey smelling for a good while, as mentioned it is a nice, floral rose, it doesn’t initially smell or even taste like it, but it’s ok.




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2 06 2007

Awwww, I liked it. I also got it from JList a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only chewed four pieces so far.

I kind of like how the flavor lingers like jasmine long after I’ve spit the gum out. Perhaps flowery breath is more naturalistic on a woman than a man.

2 06 2007

It maybe because for the most part, when it comes to gum in England, it’s mint or nothing. Cinnamon gum was introduced about a year ago but isn’t selling too well, and we have a few fruity ones but nothing major. So this was a bit of a shock to the system, maybe I was a bit too harsh on it but this was a real rosey rose flavour, not ‘rose’ flavour like Turkish Delight.

13 12 2007

where did you get that gum, is it available in europe? i wanna try it too 😉

5 02 2008
Mr E

You can buy it at Jbox.com (only place I found so far)

It is pricey $1.40 for 9 pieces and 20% off if you buy 15 packs and then tag on international shipping. I haven’t tried it myself, I’m too in love with BlackBlack (several us websites stock it and if you look around you can get it for a reasonable price)

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