Lotte Black Black Gum

3 06 2007

Lotte Black Black Gum

Ah, the most famous of all Japanese gum, and my last gum review for a good while now, This is the famous Black Black gum, made famous for their strange adverts starring Jean-Claude van Damme, as well as their strange use of Engrish on the sticks, including the phrases ‘Yes, Chewing!’ and ‘HI-TECHNICAL EXCELLENT TASTE AND FLAVOR’.

The sticks are unsurprisingly, black, and the taste is really quite odd. It starts off with a frankly quite disgusting flavour, before getting a little peppery and a strong mint flavour comes through, The sticks are initially rock hard but soften up quickly and easily. Supposedly there’s caffeine in here as well, but I don’t know how much.

The flavour isn’t awesome, but they’re just a little different really, and with the caffeine and strong minty flavour, then these are good as a one-off buy, and are worth getting just to try out at least once.




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