6 06 2007


Whoops! Sorry for the late update here readers, I thought I’d already updated today until I saw the Creme Egg at the top of the page, and the date of the article! So here’s my next review, again I apologise for the…17 hour wait!

Toblerone bars always scream ‘Late Father’s Day present’ to me, especially the massive bars, which my stepdad used to always get, and molded my young, impressionable mind.

I always used to think these were a little posh, and that’s how they seem to market it, but I don’t think it is anymore. It’s marketed as ‘Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat’, the milk chocolate is in my opinion not that great, and neither almonds nor honey can be tasted in the nougat, instead it’s just annoying and get stuck in your teeth.

When you open the pack you get a bar which has a long, milk chocolate base, and then on the base are nine milk chocolate triangles, each one having one letter of the word ‘Toblerone’ on it. You can see a lot of little specks in each triangle, as well as bigger pieces of almond. The chocolate doesn’t melt very well at all, and you really just have to bite into it and chew the pieces, resulting in almonds and nougat getting stuck between your teeth.

The bar itself doesn’t taste too bad, but the chocolate is a little cheap, and they seem to think that just calling it Swiss chocolate will mean instant quality, which is a bad approach. The almonds and nougat also don’t seem to add much to the bar at all, and are in fact just a little annoying. So overall, pretty disappointing, but if you see a huge bar and it’s the day before Father’s Day, pick it up because that’s what they’re there for.




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6 06 2007

The way to eat these is to get one each of the milk, dark and white, break them into chunks and put them in a bowl. Perfect all night study fodder. Though I seem to recall that walking to the shop in the pitch darkness also adds to the appreciation of all chocolate!

6 06 2007

A food blog I read mentioned Toblerones recently. Apparently if you melt them with cream and butter they make a very good chocolate sauce.

Personally I can taste honey in a Toblerone, but it’s quite subtle. Probably too subtle – it’d be nice to have it a little stronger.

7 06 2007

anabels – That sounds like a pretty good idea. Just a shame nowhere near me sells the dark or white chocolate varieties. 😦

MattW – I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t actually like honey that much so never eat it, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t really recognise the flavour even if it was there.

1 01 2009

A friend of mine recently brought Toblerone back to school from her holiday, Terry, and it was WHITE CHOCOLATE! It had crunchy bits in it and it was delish. We even got a second chunk! 😀

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