Nestlé After Eight Munchies

9 06 2007

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I’m not actually sure if I should be calling these After Eight Munchies, because as you can see in the first picture, this pack merely says ‘After Eight’. The front of the pack also proclaims ‘After Eight – Mint Munchies made better’, at least I think that’s what it said because when I tried to open the pack carefully it was all sticky and that proclamation was ripped apart, so I’m going by memory here.

The design on the package is fairly normal After Eight business. The shades of light and dark green, with the After Eight logo (a clock showing the time to be just past 8 o’clock), and a picture of one of the After Eight munchies on the front. They make it look good, no biscuit this time round, just the chocolate case (plain chocolate this time) filled with mint flavoured fondant creme, that tastes of course exactly like After Eights.

I tried to make it as obvious as I could in my other 2 pics, but in case you can’t tell, these things look AWFUL. The chocolate was all chipped, there were cracks in them, scuff marks and holes, you name it. I thought the Munchies yesterday looked bad, these were a ton worse. Extremely offputting, but I ate them anyway, despite obvious disgust written all over my face.

Turns out they’re actually not that bad. My only gripe is that they’re really sweet, it’s either because I’m eating these at 1:30am, or because they contain a load of sugar, but they started to hurt my teeth after the third one. When bitten in half the mint creme actually almost falls out over the place, it’s sticky but it’s plentiful, so I recommend just popping the entire thing in your mouth.

Are these better than Mint Munchies? I don’t know, because I don’t remember eating Mint Munchies that often. They’re better than regular Munchies though. It’s just like eating bite sized After Eights here really, because the taste is identical. The nutritional information on these is much more detailed than on the Munchies, which confuses the hell out of me, and I wish Nestlé would standardise things like that, but there you go.

I’d recommend these if you want a mint based chocolate snack, they look dreadful, but the taste is pretty good. They’ll certainly satisfy your sweet tooth, if nothing else. Each pack has 267 calories, 2.3g of Protein, 41.8g of Carbs and 10.1g of Fat.

Oh yeah, the pictures are now thumbnails, which means you can click on them and view them in their original size. This’ll make things easier, rather than having to squint to view my 150×112 pictures from before.



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21 07 2007
Ha Tikvah

I don’t know what eejit in Nestle came up with the stupid idea to change the previous perfectly good recipe for these. I can tell you that, as a Mint Munchie consisseur (Sp), I think their new version is just DIRE. They don’t taste at all like the previous, to the extent that I went from eating 3 packets a day (totally addicted LOL) to NONE over the space of a week or so. I tried various packets from different outlets as I know they can vary, but no luck. Other people I knew who’d also eaten the previous version also didn’t like the new one. I wrote to Nestle, but of course they just tough cookie – we’ve not had enough complaints to revert back, and so looks like they’re sticking fast. I’ve now switched over to their full After Eight Mints which taste as the packet job should, but sadly while they’re just, if not more, addictive, they’re also hugely expensive if you’re eating a box every few days, and they don’t travel at all well. So now, I’m on the hunt for another new mint chocolate that will keep my taste buds happy. 🙂

1 02 2008

Ah, I remember these when they were called Mintola. Bit too sickly for me these days. I prefer just plain After Eight wafer thin mints. The ratio of filling to chocolate seems better.

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