Dairy Milk with Creme Egg

11 06 2007

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I remember seeing these reviewed on Chocablog and really wanting one, but I could never find them anywhere. All of a sudden we got them in my local shop, and I snapped one up as soon as I could.

This is an ordinary Dairy Milk bar, with Creme Egg in the middle, it’s not one long bar, but is divided into six segments. Each segment has its own individual creme filling. So essentially you’re eating six small creme eggs, considering that that is just how this bar tastes.

I remember seeing in Chocablog’s pictures that the Creme there was a strange dark orange, Cadbury have since fixed this, and it’s now white and orange like a normal Creme Egg. Other than that though, it’s hard to comment on this though, because it’s just as I said; a Creme Egg in Dairy Milk form.

It’s not as sickly as a Creme Egg, probably because it only has 210 calories. It does have a rather large 29.2g of Carbs in though, with 2.3g of Protein and 9.4g of Fat as well.

Other than that, not much to say. If you can see this then get it, I’m hoping it’s not limited to Easter like the Creme Egg, and if not then that’s your way of getting Creme Eggs all year round.



2 responses

14 06 2007

Nice review Terry. 🙂 I think this bar has everything going for it. I didn’t know that about the orange center tho…strange….

14 06 2007

I’m tempted to buy another one and take pictures of it, to show the difference, as I’d already eaten it by the time I got round to writing the review. Unless I’m colour blind I’m sure it was dark orange in their pics, whereas when I had it it was a white and slightly light orange centre, much like an ordinary creme egg.

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