Hershey’s Whole Bean Chocolate

15 06 2007

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“Made with the goodness of the whole cocoa bean”, as opposed…to not? Why wouldn’t you use the whole thing? Surely leaving parts out would be a waste of money and resources. Seriously that line confuses me, if anyone has more knowledge in the art of chocolate (oh wait…this is Hershey…’chocolate’) making then could they tell me why you wouldn’t use the whole bean, and what difference using it makes?

Anyway, this is the second Hershey’s product, I had to take a daybreak because of how awful that other one was, before I could muster up the courage to have a go at the next one. This is “Mildly sweet smooth milk chocolate with: 40% less sugar vs. the leading milk chocolate, and 7g of fiber per serving”.

So again, Hershey’s market their stuff well, but is it good?

I wouldn’t say it’s good, per se, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the previous one. There’s still a faint aftertaste here, but the chocolate tastes much better. It’s still sweet, and very ordinary milk chocolate, but I could actually eat it this time, which is always a good sign.

I still don’t really recommend it though, there’s just not enough there to get you too interested, no real flavours that jump out at you, nothing to make you really appreciate what you’re eating. It’s just a little boring.

Again, each serving is 4 pieces, and there are 3 servings in the pack. Each serving has 200 calories (120 from fat), 4g Protein, 20g Carbohydrates (13g of which sugars) and 13g Fat (8g of which saturates).




4 responses

29 05 2009
Katy Skinner

I thought this chocolate was inedible. Horrible artifical sweetner aftertaste.

5 11 2010
Gillian Tom

I have tried this bar twice, and I can’t say enough good things about it…I absolutely love it and it doesn’t enlarge my waistline a bit. Thank you, Hershey’s.

30 09 2014
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What’s thrilling is that their product does work and delivers some amazing results.

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12 05 2015
Ginny Varner

I really liked this chocolate and wish they would bring it back

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