Cadbury Deliciously Dark Dairy Milk Melts

17 06 2007

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Cadbury’s newest chocolate, this is the dark chocolate Dairy Milk Melt, what you get here is a cardboard box with eight individually wrapped dark chocolate bars. Seems almost like the Japanese overpackaging, which is wonderful!

The box opens at the side, and indeed what you see are eight thin Dairy Milk sticks, each individually foil wrapped. Each bar has two segments, each with ‘Cadbury’ etched into them.

Looking closer at the box, it turns out that the chocolate is milk chocolate, and each bar has a dark chocolate truffle centre. Like with their Chocolate Cream I reviewed yesterday, they don’t mention how much cocoa solids are in each bar, so I’m going by taste. And my tastebuds are telling me that this chocolate isn’t very dark at all, hardly a surprise.

Fortunately I’m willing to forgive Cadbury, because these things are very nice. Quite filling, but because they’re individually wrapped it’s very easy to just close the box and forget about them, with no worries about the bars going stale or anything.

Essentially, this seems to be in my opinion, Cadbury’s attempt at a slightly posher chocolate, in direct competition with Nestle’s Heaven bars, and perhaps with the Galaxy bars, which are naturally a good quality chocolate. I haven’t tasted any of the Heaven bars, so I’m not sure how they match up, but this is pretty good, the packaging is awesome and I really like the idea of individually wrapped chocolates, as it helps keep good control of your cravings.

Cadbury’s have a very indepth GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) box here, which I wish they’d make the standard on all their bars, which shows that each bar has 70 calories, 0.7g of Protein, 6g of Carbs (5.5g of which sugars) and 5g of Fat (3g of which saturates). They also mention how much of your GDA each figure is, for example the 3g of Saturates make up 14.9% of your daily amount of Saturated Fat. It’s an awesome idea to put things like that on the box, because again it really makes you think about what you’re eating, and helps control it.

So overall, I’m really impressed with these. Awesome box, awesome nutritional info, the bars themselves are of a good, high quality, soft dairy milk chocolate with a very tasty truffle filling, which isn’t that dark at all, but is still very good and creamy. I highly recommend these.




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