Glico Chocolate Cookie Crush Pocky

25 06 2007

This is a huge hexagonal box of Pocky. What you get in the box are 7 packs, each containing 4 thick Pocky sticks. The sticks here are covered by a very thick chocolate, with pieces of cookie in there as well, making the Pocky very thick and bumpy.

This stuff is pretty awesome, some of the best Pocky I’ve ever had. The chocolate is of a good quality, much better than the regular Pocky. The Pocky is at least twice as thick as it would normall be, due to just how thick the chocolate coating on it is.

If you’re a Pocky fan then you’ve really got to try these, they’re a ton better than the regular Pocky, very thick and very tasty, and with 28 sticks per box, these should last…for a whole night I guess.

Each pack has 77 calories, 1.3g of Protein, 9.3g of Carbs and 3.8g of Fat.




6 responses

25 06 2007

One day I’ll deter away from the standard chocolate and strawberry pocky!

25 06 2007

It’ll be worth it I assure you. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the Almond Crush and my word…it’s good stuff.

25 06 2007

Ooh, where do you buy these from?

25 06 2007

I got them from J-List because that was by far the cheapest, but if you’re looking for a UK Supplier then the online retailer ‘Japan Centre’ also sells them. Much more expensive on there though.

25 06 2007

I love those!!!

3 08 2008

Thanks for the post

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