Hershey’s Milk Duds

27 06 2007

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These are billed as ‘Chocolatey Covered Caramels, pretty plain sounding, no? Well, that’s not the only thing plain about these.

Annoyingly I can’t compare these to anything else around, because there is nothing else around like these. I suppose the Morinaga Milk Caramel was the closest thing, but it was just caramel, without the chocolate coating. So, Hershey’s have a niche market here.

From what I hear, these are commonly eaten as a cinema snack, and can be hard to find outside of cinemas/theatres. I thought these were really plain tasting. The caramel is alright I guess, pretty standard, sticky fare. The chocolate though is poor, it just sort of flakes off, and doesn’t taste nice AT ALL. Or maybe it’s the caramel that has the poor aftertaste, either way it’s no good.

The ingredients make for disturbing reading too: Corn Syrup; Sugar; Palm Oil, etc. Nearly halfway down the list is chocolate, I guess that’s why these are ‘ChocolateY’ covered caramels, as opposed to just chocolate covered caramels.

Each serving size is 13 Milk Duds, with there being about 3.5 servings per box. Each serving has 180 calories, 1g of Protein, 28g of Carbs (19g of which sugars) and 7g of Fat (3.5g of which saturates).

Interesting to note also, that they mention that these have 33% less fat ‘Than the Average of the leading Chocolate Candy Brands’, anyone got any specific information on this? Who are they comparing these to? Anyway these taste cheap and bad and I don’t recommend them. Get some popcorn instead.




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27 06 2007

ooo Milkduds! You’re right these are classic theatre candy. But they’ve been popping up on store shelves. A bit like Junior Caramels, which also are a theatre candy and come in a similar box.
Maybe the description means 33% less fat than other chocolate bars?

27 06 2007

thornton’s toffi-chocs sound similar and are VERY yummy!

27 06 2007

yeah… they aren’t spectacular by any means. i think they’re okay. at the local theatres they sell milk dud’s here

28 06 2007

Mary – Perhaps that’s what it means, but they don’t specify what the other chocolates are. I guess maybe on average…but that doesn’t really help.

Alice – I’ll have to try those out when I get the chance, no doubt Thornton’s will be much, much better.

Alyssa – I guess nowadays I look for more than just okay, especially when I’m importing stuff.

28 06 2007
Ed McIntosh

I love them, I think the palm oil makes them taste better and now they are trans free

28 06 2007

I wanted to like these, but they are so chewy I feel like I’m either going to get lock jaw or have my teeth cemented together when I eat them. O__o

28 06 2007

Ed – I’ll have to say that’s a slightly odd post, I don’t know how palm oil makes these taste better, but seeing as your email address referred to a palm oil site then…

Sera – I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of getting lockjaw from these, and I hate it when I get the feeling that I should like something, but just don’t….I’m always afraid I’ll get a hate mob on here when I give something a bad review!

29 06 2007

Ha, glad I gave you a laugh. 🙂

No worries about any angry mobs…(smart) people realize that reviews are opinion based. ~_^

30 06 2007

That’s true, though I have had to remove a few nasty comments. Some people take it very personally when I don’t like their favourite stuff. Very strange…

5 07 2011

Personally I love these! The chocolate melts just at the right rate that by the time it’s gone the carmel is super soft and creamy! I also love how chewy they are, the box lasts me an entire movie and I usually want more (but I invoke a little self control). They’re great for a once in a while treat, especially at the movies.

31 10 2012

Eh too chewy

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