Choco-Lina Grapes & Poppy Chocolate Bar

28 06 2007

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This is ‘posh chocolate’ from Austria, and made by a company known as Choco-Lina. It’s a grape and poppy flavoured milk chocolate bar, that also uses 100% sheep whole milk. It also uses pure raw cane sugar, cocoa beans, Bourbon Vanilla, and according to the back of the bar, nothing else.

Grape & Poppy though, that’s an odd combo, which is why I went for this really. The pack is pretty retro looking, a purple affair here to signify the grapes, and a picture of a sheep of course, for the sheep’s milk used. The bar itself is foil wrapped, and looks really good. Same colour as ordinary milk chocolate, but it also has very small black dots in the chocolate, which is probably both the grapes and the poppies.

The bar is a 100g slab, though it’s split up a little. There are 12 small squares, as well as two thin rectangles, and one larger rectangle in the middle of the bar. This is one of those moments I wish I had a camera, because it looks good, but is so hard to describe. The feeling of the bar is so strange though.

I guess it feels greasy, but in a different way to normal. I have to wipe my fingers everytime I break off a piece, and whilst it does feel greasy, it’s in a slightly odd way that’s hard to describe, it’s slightly thicker than normal, and makes you actually want to lick it off your fingers. But now we get to where it matters, the taste.

And like a few bars I’ve reviewed in the past, it’s so anticlimatic. I was expecting rich, creamy milk chocolate, with a fruity taste and poppy seeds in my mouth. What I got was ordinary milk chocolate, with a slightly off taste, just a little strange due to the flavours used. I couldn’t taste any vanilla, or grape, or poppy. They all mixed with the chocolate to make a pretty poor tasting bar, that I certainly wouldn’t buy again.

I don’t really recommend you buy this either, sure it’s different and it uses ‘good’ ingredients, but the actual taste is a real let down and you’ll end up being as disappointed as I was, perhaps moreso in fact when you remember reading this review and that I told you not to buy it.

The entire 100g bar has 522 calories, 6.1g of Protein, 46.4g of Carbs (38.1g of which sugars) and 34.7g of Fat (19.4g of which saturates).




3 responses

28 06 2007

Sounds very odd….

28 06 2007

Interesting. It doesn’t sound too appetizing.

28 06 2007

Yeah I think this is actually meant to be a fruit and nut bar, only something went wrong somewhere. Maybe it’s because the poppies don’t really count as nuts, and the grape is tiny in most of the bar except for a few huge chunks of it, which almost kinda make me sick. Dried fruit…ugh.

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