Hot Tamales

29 06 2007

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Hot Tamales are an artificially flavoured, cinammon jelly bean candy from America. Similar in terms of physical bean appearance to Mike & Ike’s, these only have the one flavour, and that’s hot cinnamon.

And they’re not joking, these things can get very hot indeed. I was expecting to be able to chew a whole load at once and let them sit on my tongue with only a little heat, but boy was I wrong. These are crazy hot, and I found myself having to really pass the beans around my mouth because of the spicy cinnamon.

The flavour is pretty standard cinnamon fare, unfortunately for my personal tastes these were just too hot. It made them hard to eat and started to hurt my tongue after awhile, and I could only eat half the pack before I was thoroughly sick of them. Still if you want a chewy version of the Atomic Fireballs, then this is it.

Each pack has 220 calories, 0g of Protein, 54g of Carbs (39g of which sugars) and 0g of Fat.




2 responses

30 06 2007

i love those! they do get a little boring after a little while but at least you have a stash for later 🙂

30 06 2007

Well as I said I only managed half the pack before I got sick of them, I still have the stash though, I don’t really wanna eat them.

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