Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar

2 07 2007

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Peanuts in milk chocolate. Hmm, this sounds exciting doesn’t it? Plain yellow pack, little to no blurb, simple looking ingredients. This is obviously an established American chocolate, but will it be to my tastes?

The bar looks the same as the regular Hershey’s bars, with the slab of chocolate split up into many small pieces, each being marked well and easily broken away. There are big, thick pieces of Peanut here. Unlike the Cookies n Creme bar, where there were many tiny pieces of cookie, here you get big halves of peanuts scattered throughout the bar.

It literally is just peanuts in milk chocolate. There is absolutely nothing else to this bar. The chocolate isn’t a great quality and left my fingers a little greasy, but the peanuts overpower it so it’s not too bad. I think this is a pretty good bar, essentially if you like peanuts and milk chocolate, then you’ll like this. Only problem is that it’s so plain, so while it’s good I wouldn’t have it again, and there’s not enough to it.

The bar contains 270 calories, 5g of Protein, 27g of Carbs (24g of which sugars) and 16g of Fat (7g of which saturates).



One response

2 07 2007

its good but its not that spectacular. i don’t really see much difference between mr. goodbar or hershey’s.

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