Michel Cluizel Les Champignons, caramel & chocolate mushrooms

3 07 2007

Michel Cluizel Chocolates

More posh chocolate! These wonderfully crafted chocolate mushrooms are made by Michael Cluizel, a Chocolatier from Paris. You get 8 of them in a long, thin box, and they’re all so, so good.

The cap of the mushroom is made from dark chocolate, and the inside of the cap is filled with a crunchy, almond nougat. The stem of the mushroom is made of a very soft, sticky and incredibly tasty butter caramel, and is surrounded in a white chocolate shell, with the base being surrounded by dark chocolate.

This has got to be one of the tastiest chocolates I’ve ever had. There’s so much going on, and it’s all so good. The butter caramel overpowers the taste of the white and dark chocolate coating that it has, but I’ve never had a caramel taste anything like this before, compared to the recent Milk Duds I had, the difference is amazing.

I highly suggest you pick these up if you can, they’re some of the best things I’ve ever tasted, they look and taste wonderful, and its worth spending a little extra on them.

Each serving size is 2 pieces, which contain 199 calories, 1g of Protein, 19g of Carbs (17.5g of which sugars) and 10.5g of Fat (6g of which saturates).




7 responses

3 07 2007

WOW! Those sound superb!

3 07 2007

They really are, these are the types of things that I so wish I had my webcam for when I ate these, because it was about 6 weeks ago when I did, and just before I got my cam. Almost worth getting again just to take pics and enjoy once more, until I realise I’m poor and can barely afford new chocolate. 😦

3 07 2007

Wow! Sound fantastic. I wonder where I could get them.

3 07 2007

D’oh! I always end up forgetting something or getting some info wrong.

I got them here – http://www.chocolatetradingco.com

They were on offer at the time which is really the only reason why I got them, and checking now they’re…still on offer, though I don’t think I paid the price they’re at now. o_O

4 07 2007

ahhh im going to paris tomorrow! reckon i should look out for them??

4 07 2007

They really do look like the photo on their website, this is one I got last year:

Champignon Caramel

I thought they were spectacular. I haven’t had many of Cluizel’s chocolates (just the bars) and if this is what the rest of his stuff is like, I wanna be rich so I can try it all.

4 07 2007

It depends where you live Alice. If you’re from the UK then I would suggest just ordering them online, but if you’re from elsewhere then yeah, definitely look out for them. I’m sure there are better things out there but these won’t disappoint.

And wow Cybele, I should have used that photo instead. 😛 This is the first I’ve had of his, and like you if the price was right (or my bank balance was) then I’d definitely be looking at the rest of his range.

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