Nestlé Waguri Chestnut Kit Kat

5 07 2007

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Chestnut is a popular ingredient in traditional Japanese desserts, so it’s not surprising to see a Kit Kat that has been chestnut flavoured finally come out. It’s not a common ingredient here though, so will my taste buds accept this strange, new flavour?

The pack is an off-white colour, a slightly dark white or pale brown, depending on how you see it. It has some Japanese writing on the front that I can’t understand, it’s probably just the name of the flavour. Opening the pack reveals the Kit Kat, which is the same colour as the pack.

It smells sort of roasted. Sweet, but a roasted nutty scent to it. The taste is absolutely delicious though. It’s very creamy and nutty at the same time. That may make it sound like hazelnut or something, but it’s nothing like that.

It’s not too rich, but nice and sweet and just a great flavour. I’d definitely want to try this one again. Shame it only came in the small 2 finger pack.




One response

10 12 2007

Just to let you know, the kanji letters on the front just say waguri.

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