Paypal Donations to The Chocolate Review

7 07 2007

Hi all,

In what turned out to be a harder task than I originally anticipated, I’ve added a Paypal Donate button to my sidebar, as well as a hyperlink to my email address in case the system I had before confused you. In case you’re not familiar with the hyperlink, clicking it will bring up Microsoft Outlook Express (or whatever operating system you have’s equivalent) and you can email me from there, or alternatively you can right click, copy the email address and then paste it in whichever client you use for emailing (Hotmail, Gmail, etc).

The Paypal bit is something I’ve been wondering for awhile about whether to put up or not. To those of you who actively read the comments, you might know that I’ve been wanting to implement a feature here where I’ll be video reviewing chocolate, which personally I feel is a bit more intimate than just writing about it, and it’s just something I want to try out and see if it works. I’ll put up text reviews as well as images of the chocolate, but will also include a link to the Youtube videos where I’ll be hosting them and so you can literally watch me unwrapping, eating and then talking about the chocolate.

So why the Paypal button? Well, all this costs money. I want to get a good webcam (not the piece of crap I have at the moment) and a decent microphone, and that’s without buying any chocolate either! I’m not gonna bug anyone about donating, but basically if you’ve got a bit of spare money and you just wanna help me out and have a Paypal account then please, feel free to send me whatever amount you can/want to. I will still be able to (eventually) afford the new equipment in time, but every little helps and it will enable me to ‘evolve’ this blog quicker, as well as perhaps eventually get it off WordPress and onto a proper website.

So yeah, as I said I won’t mention this again after this post, just remember that the Paypal button is in the top right hand corner, and that anything you donate to me will be spent on this website, so not for personal gain at all, unless weight gain from all the chocolate counts. 😀



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