Cadbury Dairy Milk with Turkish Delight

8 07 2007

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I really like Turkish Delight for some reason. I don’t quite know why I do, but there’s something about it that’s just damn tasty. So I was quite looking forward to this bar. I had to get the rather large 250g block because I couldn’t find any regular sized bars, assuming they even do them at all.

What you get here is the regular Dairy Milk Chocolate, like with all their bars, and filled with Turkish Delight. The bar here is a thick slab of chocolate, sectioned with many individual squares. The squares are quite thick, and that’s where the Turkish Delight is contained.

The pack makes me in fact feel a little ill, it shows a picture of one of the chocolate squares, and there’s a hole in it where the Turkish Delight is oozing out, and they show it to be oozing out all over the bottom half of the pack, to fit in with their colour scheme. Turkish Delight is meant to be a jelly-like substance, not runny and watery like that, it doesn’t look too nice at all.

Fortunately the bar contains normal Turkish Delight though, it tastes similar to the stuff you’d find in a Fry’s Turkish Delight bar, who I’m sure are a subsidiary of Cadbury, only there’s much less Turkish Delight, and the chocolate tastes better. The two mix well together, neither overpowers the other and it’s really quite satisfying.

The problem is the nutritional information. There are 155 calories, 1.9g of Protein, 21g of Carbohydrates (20.8g of which sugars) and 7.1g of Fat (4.4g of which saturates) per 4 squares here (they call them chunks, same thing). And there are 32 squares (note: I may actually be wrong with this, I have forgotten how many there were) in the 250g bar, so be careful with this, as it can be very easy to overeat. Still, it’s a nice bar, not too sickly if eaten in the right amounts, I just wish they would do a normal sized bar.

Edit: It turns out they do do a normal single serving bar, but none of the shops near me sold it.




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9 07 2007

Wow, this bar packs a nutritional punch! The only thing I’ve seen worse is Nestle’s Chunky bar….it’s Cadbury’s picnic essentually….but it’s like 200 for just four bits! Yikes!

I don’t understand why Turkish delight hasn’t caught on in the states, it’s tasty stuff!

9 07 2007

the thorntons turkish delight bar aint half better then the normal ones mmm 😛

9 07 2007

It certainly does, Sera. The Picnic bar isn’t even that impressive which makes it all the more depressing. Can’t comment on that Nestle bar though, but I thank you for the warning. 😀

As for why it hasn’t caught on…I honestly don’t know. All my American friends have liked it when they tried it. Maybe it’s just the name, or the look or texture or something, but whoever hasn’t tried it is missing out!

And I will soon be finding out if the Thornton’s bar is better, as I bought it along with a few other little bars a few days ago!

9 07 2007

I have never had turkish delight before… they don’t sell much of that in the US

9 07 2007

I think it’s because of importing. Turkish delight can go bad in no time so it could be hard to import. We only have it in candy bars. The companies here probably don’t want to start manufacturing it or somthing.

9 07 2007

Can it go out of date quickly? I know that here we also do Turkish Delight where it’s not chocolate covered or anything, and is instead just the stuff itself, and then covered in what I believe to be flour. That lasts for a good few months so I wouldn’t have thought it would be a problem.

Lemon flavoured Turkish Delight…mmm…good stuff there. Maybe you should start your own company Alyssa, you could be onto a winner.

10 07 2007

hehe. i’d better get through high-school first!

10 07 2007

Well that’s only a year or two, right? After that you should follow your dream! Or…my dream…kinda.

13 07 2007

Lol! I’m just entering.

13 07 2007

Oh what a shame. Still that gives you plenty of time to prepare! Maybe by the time you leave you’ll have big plans on how to start your Turkish Delight emporium, and I’ll have built this blog into a huge database on all the candy around the world.

In Bizzaro World, at least…

13 07 2007

I love Fry’s TD, and have hardly seen any other kinds around here. It is made by Cadbury, which is why the chocolate is so good. I guess I was surprised when I gave one to someone and they didn’t like it. But then again she puts ketchup on homemade meatballs. It’s nothing like I thought it would be from the Narnia descriptions.

13 07 2007

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! I was gonna say that my American friends also mention that as well with turkish delight, but I was a little unsure of which book it was (I was right in the end) and so chose not to mention it.

As for Cadbury’s, with their court case today about the Salmonella fiasco I’m a little uneasy with them. There’s bad chocolate, and then there’s BAD chocolate, and whilst the incident may have happened nearly a year ago, I’m still not too happy with them.

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