Niederegger Marzipan

9 07 2007

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“Established in 1806 in Germany, Niedregger is regarded as producing the finest quality marzipan around. This premium position is due to the fact Niederegger use only select almonds from the Mediterranean and in much larger quantities. Niederegger marzipan is classed as 100% marzipan and contains much less sugar in comparison to other marzipan makers – just 35% in fact. According to the law, a mixture of marzipan paste, already containing 35% sugar, can be mixed with as much as 50% sugar to be classed as Marzipan. A huge difference, and very noticeable in the resulting taste.”

Well, a bit of a mouthful there. This a Marzipan selection box. There are 8 mini loaves here, 2 of each flavour. The 4 flavours are Pistachio, Orange, Pineapple and Espresso. They’re covered in dark chocolate, and it’s of course the thick marzipan in the middle that is flavoured.

Not only is it flavoured, it’s also coloured to match the colour of the wrapping, which is a nice little touch. Still, we care about the taste don’t we? So let’s get on with it!

Pistachio – Takes a little moment for the pistachio flavour to get through. It combats with the dark chocolate in my opinion, rather than mixing with it. It sounds strange but they seem like two seperate flavours here, as opposed to one fused flavour. Still, very rich and nutty, a very good, strong flavour here.

Orange – The orange flavour comes through right away here. It mixes well with both the marzipan flavour and the dark chocolate. Each is able to come through at different points. A really excellent flavour here.

Pineapple – Tamer than the previous two flavours. This one struggles a little to overcome the marzipan and the chocolate, and at times it’s hard to make out the pineapple at all. It’s good when you can, but it’s not bold enough.

Espresso – If the pineapple was underdone, then this was most definitely overdone. A very strong coffee flavour here, strangely it does blend well with the marzipan, but it’s an odd flavour and I’ll be honest and say I didn’t like it much. I can imagine a lot of people would though.

So there we have it. A good selection here, all of them were strong flavours, most of them tasted good, but some were better than others. If you can get these for a decent price and are of course a marzipan fan, then check these out. They make a good sharing box.




2 responses

10 07 2007

Pineapple marzipan? Now THAT sounds interesting….

10 07 2007

Considering I don’t like pineapple, it was a surprisingly pleasant…surprise…

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