Chocolate News – Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses to be released in time for Christmas

10 07 2007

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Mars will be releasing a new product in time for Christmas. What we have here are Mistletoe Kisses that will be part of the Galaxy range, which is Mars’ semi-upmarket chocolate line. There are three of the pieces you can see above in each pack, and will retail at a rather cheeky 55p per pack. Supposedly supplies will be available from August, and there’ll be an ad campaign in November. So look out for these, both in the shops and on here!

For more (well, just rewritten really) information, click here.



4 responses

10 07 2007

so what are in these then?

10 07 2007

I have no idea…sorry, info is pretty limited at the moment, they look good though!

1 01 2009

I know what they are! I do! Actually I don’t (so sorry!). I’ve just seen them. I’ve tried to read the description but mu mean old mum dragged me away from the choclate stand. Boo. ;-(

2 01 2009

NOW I know what they are! It’s basically chocolate mousse and caramel inside Galaxy chocolate. Not very appetising if you ask me. 😦

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