Cadbury Heavenly Praline Dairy Milk Melts

11 07 2007

Dairy Milk Melts

The last in the Dairy Milk Melts series. This particular edition is milk chocolate, with a milk chocolate truffle that also contains small caramelised hazelnut pieces in there as well.

It’s hardly a surprise that this particular edition came out. Hazelnut-chocolate hybrids are very popular here in England and in Europe as a whole, and Cadbury are playing to their strengths, considering that they already have a hazelnut Dairy Milk bar on the market.

These are pretty good, quite similar in taste to the ordinary milk chocolate ones I had yesterday, just with little nuts in these, for a nice added flavour. I don’t think I’d buy these again because there are nicer hazelnut chocolates on the market (Kinder Buenos) that are cheaper as well, but it’s nice enough I guess.

Strangely enough these have 5 less calories per bar than the other two varieties, so instead of 75 calories per bar (8 bars per box, remember), these have 70, which is pretty awesome.




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