Nestlé After Eight

13 07 2007

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I was originally intending to review the Hershey’s ‘Take 5’ today, but my digital camera ran out of battery just as I was about to take a picture of the bar! Absolutely terrible luck, and as I still haven’t found the charger for it, I had to put up an old review, so here we have Nestlé’s After Eight thin milk chocolate mints. These at least used to be marketed as a sort of upmarket chocolate, they were supposed to be a little bit posh, but I don’t think they’re really seen like that anymore, especially as I never see them advertised anymore at all.

I’m not sure how many varieties and styles of boxes they do, but I have here the 300g box, which has around 35 After Eight mints in it. Each square chocolate mint is about 1.5cm in length each side, and is wafer thin. It’s basically a spearmint fondant creme, covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

I’ve gotta say I do quite like these. It’s good to just pop one in after a meal to freshen up. I don’t think you could really eat these en masse, I haven’t tried it and I think it’d probably make me a little sick to do so. I guess when these first came out they were marketed as a posh, after dinner chocolate, but in these modern days we’re a little more enlightened, and our palettes have changed. So while these are still around, I don’t think they sell as well as they used to, and people don’t think they’re particularly posh either.

After Eight mints have recently become very popular in Japan though, with a lot of new flavours coming out there. They’re a little expensive so I doubt I’ll bother importing any, but we’ll have to wait and see. Each mint has 36 calories, 0.2g of Protein, 6.3g of Carbohydrates (5.3g of which sugars) and 1.1g of Fat (0.6g of which saturates).

One of the adverts from the 1980s can be seen below.




4 responses

14 07 2007

i like those! i never thought of eating them in between meals though

14 07 2007

That’s probably just me using it as an excuse to eat more chocolate. Breath mints, or chocolate mints? You decide.

1 01 2009

Hi! It’s me, in case you havn’t see/read my review for Quality Street on this website. I like After Eight mints,too. I prefer the dark chocolate ones to the milk chocolate because they’re less sickly. Though when I was very little I ate ten After Eights in one day and I threw up all night! I enjoy privatly sniffing our box of After Eights in the fridge when no-one is looking! 😀

12 10 2010
Plain Jane

I love your blog -thank you!

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