Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Choc

16 07 2007

Double Choc 1Double Choc 2

Photos courtesy of Chocablog (the flash on my camera messed up all my photos)

I just want to begin this post by apologising for not posting yesterday. I just…forgot, sorry, strange how it slipped my mind but there you go. From now on I’ll probably be running this on a 6 day week anyway as on Sundays I will be writing a piece for my friends over at the Chocablog. Yes it seems Dom has recognised my awesome writing talents and has recruited me. So look forward to seeing my posts there as well, though of course the main bulk of my time is going towards this site. But now, back to this!

Double chocolate is an odd flavour when it comes to dessert. The basic idea of it is milk chocolate on top of milk chocolate, and so whilst it can work well in some situations, what are the chances of Cadbury getting it right for their Dairy Milk?

Well first off, what do we have? Like all Dairy Milk varieties, this is a standard Dairy Milk bar that has the filling inside it. So we have an ordinary Dairy Milk, that has some sort of slightly richer milk chocolate inside. The chocolate inside is darker in colour, though according to the back of the pack it’s a ‘chocolate flavoured centre’, so that’s hardly whetting my appetite.

To be frank, I’m not impressed with this bar. It doesn’t taste that differently to the Dairy Milk with Caramel, it has the same consistency and there’s no real problem with the bar, it’s just a little tasteless, very ordinary milk chocolate with…milk chocolate inside.

The chocolate inside is quite tasteless, and personally I feel there are better things that Cadbury could put into their Dairy Milk bars, like peanut butter, or a milk chocolate truffle or something, this is just lazy.

The bar has 220 calories, 2.6g Protein, 28.2g Carbohydrates (23.9g of which sugars) and 10.9g Fat (6.5g of which saturates). I don’t really recommend this though, not only are there much better chocolate bars, there are much better Dairy Milk chocolate bars.




14 responses

16 07 2007

from the first moment i saw the ad for this i thought it was weird! chocolate filled with chocolate??? manky!
i don’t want to try it! i refuse! it look sludgy! glad im not missing out!
congrats on the recruitment!

17 07 2007

to me that looks good

17 07 2007

I haven’t seen the ad for it, but yeah it’s a bit pointless…it tastes similar to some of their other bars and whilst isn’t unpleasant, it just seems as I said, a bit pointless.

17 07 2007

And it’s honestly hard to review something like this, because I can’t tear into it for being bad as it wasn’t, and I can’t praise it for being tasty because it wasn’t really either. Takes a lot of thinking to write for a bar like this.

17 07 2007

They do have Dairy Milk filled with Peanut Butter–at least in Canada. It’s definitely better than anything Reese’s puts out.

17 07 2007

:O I want that! Considering that Reese’s is pretty darn good then that must be…really pretty darn good! I’m adding that to my list of things to buy in the near future, thanks!

17 07 2007

i tried one and too me it just tasted like a melted dairy milk 😕 okay i want one a dairy milk with peanut butter someone has to send me one pleeeeeeeease!!!

10 02 2008

yhh i kinda lyk cadburyy chocolatess
dey my favuirteee
wun reason 4 me likin dem is datt welll my face colour blendzz in wiv demm ini dats y

1 01 2009

It looks awful. I’m giving it a miss (I hate sickly chocolate)! Of course my younger brother who adores chcolate would wolf it dwon in two secinds flat! 😛

7 03 2009
Double choc hater

That looks rubbish it shits minging shit choc at u

28 04 2009
snoop dog.

so. hi. im snoop dog da home dog.
i like chocolate.
BUT ..
Galaxy is better.

28 11 2009

this is looking so yummy…………………….

24 05 2010

Cmon, people cutting something down who haven’t tried it? You be better off to shut up already! I recently tried Cadbury plain milk chocolate and it’s very good, the roasted almond is also very good, I would be willing to try this as well. I would never comment on it until I tried it!

14 11 2013
Beth Parrish

Up for a challenge? Step one: Drink a lot of milk… like 400 gallons. Step two: Make a really cool milk jug igloo everyone can enjoy! All you need are empty milk jugs and hot glue guns. Make it a neighborhood or school project so you can build it faster!

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