RJ’s Natural Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice Log

18 07 2007

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And now begins the mini series of RJ’s Soft Eating Licorice. The first is the Raspberry Licorice Log. This is basically a ~20cm (just guessing here) long pencil-like log of licorice, that’s raspberry flavoured.

From what I understand, these are very popular in New Zealand, where the company originates from. My local shop got these from a supplier who imports them. It’ll be very hard to find these anywhere in the UK, so it’s best not to worry about finding these too much, unless you’re really desperate for them.

This bar doesn’t actually look like regular licorice, instead of being black in colour, this is completely red, and can just about be seen through. I suppose this is a good idea, considering the flavour of it, and it’s not an off putting colour. I hear that red colours in food activate salival glands and such forth, making you hungry, due to it meaning that a food is ripe. I don’t think I felt that when I looked at this, but it did look and smell good. Not a strong smell, but a pleasant, mild raspberry waft.

It tasted good as well. There’s no distinct licorice taste, it’s instead just a mild, pleasant raspberry taste. I don’t think it would have tasted nice if there was ordinary licorice flavour there as well, so I’m not sure how they’ve got rid of that flavour here, but they’ve done a good job. I’ve tasted the other flavours previously and they’re nearly all better than this, but that doesn’t take anything away from this bar. It really is quite nice.

And the wonderful thing about this is that it only has 138 calories. Pretty awesome compared to most snack foods here. It also had 3.1g of Protein which is pretty high for something like this, 32.1g of Carbohydrates (14.6g of which sugars) and under 1g of Fat per bar, and even 2 and a half bars would have under 1g of Fat, which shows how little there is in the entire thing. If you do happen to live near a shop that sells these then try them, they’re a little pricey (55p per bar) but are well worth it.

P.S. Since originally writing the review for this a couple of months ago, I have since found these in a few online stores. I highly suggest checking out this now if you are a licorice fan.




3 responses

18 07 2007

I’m curious since you mentioned that there’s no licorice taste in this red licorice … do you not have “Red Licorice” in the UK?

Folks just call it licorice, though it isn’t really, it’s just the same format. It never occurred to me that Europe didn’t have a comparable product to Red Vines and the nice Aussie stuff we get.

19 07 2007

We have no red licorice in the UK. In fact I’m sure it did call it red licorice on the pack but I just figured “well yeah…it’s licorice and it’s red…duh”. I guess that’s my comeuppance for not doing research.

6 09 2007

Terry, that is such crap! Of course we have red licorice in the UK! You can get it most places you get black licorice. Did you never have licorice laces as a kid? I’ve never liked black licorice, but I was always a huge fan of the red stuff.

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