RJ’s Orange Dark Choc Log

19 07 2007

Orange Dark Choc Log

Second in the RJ’s series is one that freaked me out a little when I first saw it. Orange licorice with dark chocolate, seems like a strange combo, no? Let’s hope it’s a good one…

I like the little bit of blurb on the front of the pack – “You obviously have a keen sense of taste. Because these Dark Choc logs are made to our unique recipe, with a delicious chocolatey centre carefully made from an old Belgian recipe”, so I have a keen sense of taste? Thank you RJ!

What you have here is a long dark chocolate stem, covered by a thicker stem of orange flavoured licorice. The licorice today is unsurprisingly orange in colour, like the red raspberry licorice yesterday. But it’s the way it’s done that’s so good. The chocolate and orange go so well together, it’s a classic blend of flavours and RJ’s have got it right here.

I don’t know how dark the chocolate is but it didn’t seem that dark to me, it was very good though. Just for a such an initially strange sounding combo, it all goes together so well.

The bar has 162 calories, 1.16g of Protein, 30.1g of Carbohydrates (16.4g of which sugars) and 3.5g of Fat (3.1g of which saturates). I highly recommend this bar if you can find it, RJ have impressed me again, delicious stuff here.




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