The Chocolate Review is moving?

19 07 2007

I have decided to take The Chocolate Review off WordPress and move it onto a proper server. I’m currently in the process of just sorting everything out so it will be offline until I make another announcement.

The new site will be –

I will make another announcement when everything is done. Until then, sit back and relax, look through the old reviews and enjoy your chocolate.

I would also like to thank each and every one of my readers for this, I started this blog 4 months ago after looking at a couple of the other ones on the internet, and had no idea that I too would one day be on their blogroll and visited by so many people, it means a lot to me and I hope that everything on the new website runs just as, if not even more smoothly than this one.

Again, thank you to everyone, and the new site will be found at –




5 responses

19 07 2007

Excellent news! Congrats on all your success!

19 07 2007

Thank you Cybele, you were the original inspiration. The webpage is now bought, it’s just a case of me actually working out what the hell I do next, so expect me to still be posting here for a couple of weeks! 😦

19 07 2007


19 07 2007

Thank you! Make sure to come onto the new site when it’s up, and tell all your friends! 😀

19 07 2007

Congrats Terry! 🙂

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