Wrigley’s Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

27 05 2007

Wrigley's Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

I almost cried when I saw this flavour, it reminded me of the Vanilla flavoured Coca Cola of ye old times. Actually I’m lying, I didn’t cry because I never liked that stuff, I just pretend to like it because everyone else says that they liked it, maybe they’re all lying too, maybe that’s why it was discontinued. Did you ever think about that?

Now if I thought the Grape-Berry blocks looked disgusting, then these are…well, super disgusting I guess. It’s hard to describe just how awful these blocks look. The block is rock hard, and two of the sides have an almost crumbly texture to them that just doesn’t look good, as if it’s supposed to be fizzy or something, instead it just makes it look old and dirty.

That’s how it tastes too, much less soft than the Grape-Berry flavour yesterday, it took some real mouth action to chew through this, and it wasn’t worth the effort at all. Far too much artificial cola, not enough artificial vanilla. Not a good flavour at all.

P.S. I know that Vanilla Coke has recently been reintroduced in USA again, so I don’t need smartass comments on that. 😀


Cadbury Cherry Ripe Chocettes

15 05 2007

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Chocettes

“Now with even more cherries”! Bite sized pieces of ripe juicy cherries and coconut in ‘Old Gold’ rich dark chocolate. This sounds promising, at last I may find myself reviewing a chocolate bar I genuinely like, as it feels like it’s been awhile since I have.

This comes from Australia, which so far hasn’t impressed me with its vast amounts of chocolate. Cherry chocolate is a rare thing, and with delicious coconut, I’m really looking forward to this.

The pack is of course red, with lots of little chocettes on the front, the pack is only half full which annoys me a little. But I’ll ignore that. And why am I ignoring it? Because the chocolate is good, that’s why.

Yes, I’m willing to overlook the half full bag because I actually like these, they’re a little strange in their texture, with the chewy coconut, and the cherry taste, but they go together very well. And with the dark chocolate aftertaste, I’m really impressed with these.

You don’t get many for what you pay for, or at least for what I paid for, as the pack is only 35g which is quite small, and they’re very more-ish. What I will say though is that it’s refreshing to not see Sugar at the top of an ingredients list, instead it’s down below the chocolate and coconut. These are really good, easily the best thing I’ve tasted from Australia so far.

Mars Banana Milky Way

13 05 2007

Milky Way Banana

Another Australian product. This is a small Milky Way bar, with the whipped centre being banana flavoured, and covered in the ordinary milk chocolate. The pack is yellow to of course signify the banana flavour.

Opening the pack reveals a standard looking Milky Way, the criss-cross pattern on the top of the milk chocolate, and biting into it reveals that the whipped centre is yellow. It’s also disgusting.

Yes, this is no good at all. My British readers will know that Milky Ways centres are nice and soft, they yield easily and melt nicely in the mouth. This was a different story though. It was chewy, yes chewy, and didn’t melt at all. It almost broke off despite sitting in my cupboard at room temperature for a long time, and the banana flavour was also pretty horrid.

I’d say the banana flavour was in fact worse than the one used in certain Japanese products I’ve previously reviewed. The aftertaste was foul and the chocolate was not of a good quality. Stay far, far away from this.

Mint Slice Twix

10 05 2007

Mint Slice Twix

When previously reviewing the ordinary Twix, I wondered why we hadn’t had other flavours and varieties in Britain, well, we still haven’t got any, but Australia has, this is the Mint Slice Twix.

It’s basically a dark chocolate Twix, with minty caramel, and then ordinary milk chocolate and the crunchy base that a Twix has. The sad thing is, I don’t really like dark chocolate, and I don’t really like mint flavoured chocolate either, as it’s usually not done too well.

And sadly, I don’t like this. The mint is far too strong and artificial tasting. If it was spearmint I may like it, but this is more like assmint, and it just isn’t nice. The dark chocolate is, unsurprisingly, not very dark either. So overall this is a complete disappointment.

The bar has 290 calories, 35.2g of Carbs, 15.2g of Fat and 2.5 of Protein. I didn’t even finish half of one of the sticks though, so no worries for me, and it shouldn’t be a worry for you either, because you shouldn’t eat this.

Nestlé Milo

9 05 2007


This is an interesting one, or at least it was before my friends at the Chocablog reviewed it. This is from Australia and is made by Nestlé. It’s billed as energy food, ‘soft on [the] top and [with] a crunchy mild base’. Now when I think of energy food, I think of either protein bars, or those ‘super’ carb bars from Lucozade or whoever. I’ve tasted a few protein bars in my time, and most of them taste awful. This isn’t a Protein bar though, in fact looking at the nutritional information it looks like a standard chocolate bar, and with sugar as the first ingredient, then I’m pretty confused here.

Opening the pack, it looks a little like a Toffee Crisp. Tastes like it as well. I’m not sure what is ‘on top’, but it’s not soft, it’s hard and toffee-like. The base is crunchy though, with a lot of puffed rice there. I really can’t think of anyway to describe this except for an Australian Toffee Crisp. And energy food? Sure, I suppose sugar is a form of energy, but no one calls chocolate energy food.

It’s not bad, but it’s just annoying what Nestlé have tried to pull here. It’s not energy food, and it’s not anything new as far as my taste buds are concerned. If you live in Britain, just eat our Toffee Crisps.

This has 280 calories, 29.5g of Carbs, 13.6g of Fat and 3g of Protein.

Nestlé Aero Temptations Caramel

8 05 2007

Aero Temptations Caramel

This is from Australia, but I’m pretty sure that we had these in the UK as well. I’m also pretty sure that this is no longer being made, and the one I’m about to eat is in fact out of date, so it may effect the taste of this, but of course I’m hoping that it isn’t.

I don’t really remember these coming out when they did, but I never paid attention to Aero bars much back in the day anyway.

This is a long bar with aero bubbles on the bottom, and thick caramel on the top. It’s quite like the Wispa that we used to have years ago.

I’m pretty sure being out of date has changed the taste of this somewhat, the chocolate tastes a little off, but fortunately the caramel overpowers the chocolate a little, and it tastes very good. The bubbly chocolate is standard Aero fare. And regardless of how out of date this is, it’s still a ton better than the Japanese Aeros.

It has 205 calories, 25.4g of Carbs, 10.5g of Fat and 2.3g of Protein.

Nestlé Milkybar Milk & Cookies

6 05 2007

Milky bar Milk & Cookies

This Australian white chocolate bar is billed as a Milkybar with chocolate cookie pieces. It’s very thick as well, so I’m expecting a tastier version of the Hershey’s Cookies n Creme.

It looks nice enough on the front of the pack. Glasses of milk sitting around, with pieces of the Milkybar there, filled with cookie pieces.

There are seven blocks in the pack, each block is quite thick, and really breaks off from the bar with some force. There is the Nestlé emblem on each square, and they really are filled with cookie pieces. You can’t taste them though, which is a shame. It tastes identical to a normal milkybar, except with some crunchy pieces, though most are too small to be really noticed.

This is very sweet though, it started to hurt my teeth after about four chunks, but that’s no surprise when sugar is first on the list of ingredients, there’s also two types of vegetable fat used, and full cream milk powder, which really doesn’t make this sound good. The bar has 1140kJ, which is 270 calories, it also has 27.9g of Carbs, 16.1 of Fat and 3.9g of Protein. If you like Milkybars then I recommend this, but it’s not really that different to an ordinary Milkybar, just thicker and with little crunchy pieces.