Chocolate Trading Co Milk Chocolate Tablette

12 06 2007

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Another posh chocolate, is the Milk Chocolate Tablette from the Chocolate Trading Co, an online chocolate retailer and manufacturer. This 100g bar is made from 30% cocoa solids, and blends pure cocoa butter and real vanilla as well.

There’s a nice long story on the back, that to summarise criticises mass produced chocolate, and goes into detail about how fine chocolate is produced. This chocolate contains no preservatives, artificial flavourings or…vegetable fats! Yes, that ingredient you almost always see near the top of common chocolate is not here! Fantastic.

The bar as you can see is plain looking. It is indeed just an ordinary chocolate tablet, it’s quite thin, and smells excellent. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, and I’m really looking forward to this.

My third picture is an attempt at shock. I had eaten a few pieces already and well, this is the best milk chocolate bar I’ve ever had in my life. I’m usually quite critical with reviews, but I don’t know how I’m going to go back to regular chocolate after this. It’s absolutely wonderful stuff.

Forget your Dairy Milk bars and all that, this puts them to shame. The taste is creamy and the hints of vanilla are perfect. It’s not grainy at all, and it melts very well in the mouth. The taste is honestly just…sublime. I could hardly hold back from just munching the whole thing down, instead eating it slowly to appreciate the bar.

I’m pretty sure when I got this it was on offer, but at the moment it’s £3.20, which I can understand is quite pricy for what it is. But it’s so, so worth it. If you’ve never had a chocolate that’s not been sat on a supermarket shelf, then you have to try this, because it’s in a completely different world. This makes me appreciate chocolate on another level, and I highly, highly recommend it.