Kinder Bueno

20 06 2007

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‘Milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milky and hazelnut filling’, that does a good job of summarising this bar, but doesn’t really tell you just how absolutely delicious this thing is. I guess that’s my job then.

The Kinder range is one of my favourites in the confectionary world. From the Happy Hippos to this, everything I’ve ever had from them has been simply wonderful. Chocolatey, milky, and in this case hazelnutty, they’ve never let me down and considering how inexepensive they are, these are one of the nicest store bought chocolates you can buy.

These are so light as well! Even though they weigh 43g, which is about average for a single serving chocolate, they certainly don’t feel like it. The light chocolate coating, light wafer, and light hazelnut cream are all so…well, light, and go down so darn easily. There are two wafer bars in the pack as you can see in the picture above. Each has 4 pieces that break off, and are filled with the hazelnut and milky cream. It’s not runny or anything like that, but it’s not solid either. It’s sort of thick, but at the same time very light.

Basically, it’s absolutely delicious and if you like hazelnuts then this could very well already be one of your favourite chocolates, or about to be if you try it anytime soon. It is a necessity that you try this. Each stick has 121 calories, 2.1g Protein, 10g Carbohydrates and 8.1g Fat.


Ferrero IceGloo Cool Acerola (Cherry) Tic Tacs

25 05 2007

IceGloo Cool Acerola (Cherry) Tic Tacs

From Germany hails this igloo shaped container of Acerola Cherry flavoured Tic Tacs. These contain no sugar, and are enriched with Vitamin C and Xylitol.

These little things come in an igloo shaped container, and have a picture of an igloo on the front as well, this is because these are meant to leave a cool taste in your mouth as well as giving fresh breath. They do look nice from the outside, the box is red coloured making the tic tacs look red, though in actuality they’re white.

They’re a little bigger than ordinary tic tacs as well, though they’re flatter, and you get around 30 in the container. The problem lies with the cherry taste.

Now granted I’m not too knowledgeable with different types of cherries, but as far as I’m concerned these are peach flavoured. I’ve eaten cherries and peaches in my time, and cherry and peach flavoured sweets, and this is definitely peach. It’s not a problem per se, because it’s a nice flavour, but I’m not sure how they came up with cherry for this.

Still, it’s not bad. Tic Tacs are fairly unremarkable anyway, but these freshened my breath and I smelled like delicious peaches, so that was good. The box is nice as well, so overall I’m fairly pleased with these.