Firefox Green Tea, Lemon-Lime Warp Mints

23 05 2007

Firefox Green Tea, Lemon-Lime Warp Mints

This review should be shorter than yesterday’s because I don’t have to spend time describing the tin today, basically we are taking all the basics from the Cinnamon mints, and then just changing the flavour.

Today’s mints are Lemon-Lime flavoured, with Green Tea extract. Green tea is one of the latest health foods (well, drinks) hitting the market, claiming to cure everything from a poor sex life, to cancer, and everything inbetween. Whether it does or doesn’t is debatable, but I won’t get into that, what I will get into are the contents of this tin though.

The tin is of course green, I was hoping for some yellow effects as well but with the big ‘Green’ word on the front, I guess that wasn’t to be expected. The mints are of course green as well, and are the same size and there’s the same amount as there were of the cinnamon flavour. The taste is what’s different though.

It’s basically…lemon and lime flavoured. It’s a shame I can’t say anything different, but that’s it really. You pop one in, and the lemon and lime mix is done perfectly, you can easily taste the sourness of the lemon and the slightly more overpowering flavour of the lime. I don’t detect any green tea at all, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

These also have the ginseng and guarana, and once again they’re down at the bottom of the ingredients, and the green tea is only a few places above them, also above such wonderful sounding ingredients as Malic Acid, and Calcium Stearate.

I’m not sure what more I can say really, so I think I’ll just end it now and say that these are in my opinion a little better than the cinnamon flavoured mints, but just go with what you like. I unfortunately didn’t get the Peppermint ones at the time of ordering so they’ll have to be reviewed in the future at some point.


Firebox Cinnamon Warp Mints

22 05 2007

Firebox Cinnamon Warp Mints

The tin these small mints come in is pretty awesome. Looking like a tin of shoe polish, with a metal thing on it that you use to push open the top of the tin. This cinnamon edition is coloured red, obviously to represent the fiery cinnamon. These contain ginseng and guarana, common ingredients in energy foods and drinks.

These are actually made by Big Sky Brands in Canada, and the tin is made in Guatemala. Sugar is the first ingredient in these, the Guarana, Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng are actually the last ingredients on the list in front of the red colouring, so don’t expect to be buzzing off the walls after eating 1 or 2 of these. Each serving size is 4 mints, and there’s 14 servings per tin, so they should last you a while, they’ve certainly done so with me in the past because I never ate 4 at a time.

My main problem with these is the way the tin opens, it has a little metal…thing, for lack of a better term, that you push down on one side, and the other side is pushed up to pry the tin open. The metal knob is so small that you have to use your thumb to do it, and it takes a fair bit of pressure as well, and the tin usually pops right open when you least expect it, and the amount of times I’ve dropped mints all over the floor trying to open the tin is uncountable.

Still, these smell delicious. Like with most cinnamon flavoured foods, you can smell the cinnamon before you’ve even opened the tin, and once you do open it, you can see the small tin filled to the brim with little red mints, each with a little ‘W’ on. These aren’t spicy at all, which I quite like, and as far as I’m concerned these are not much more than glorified breath mints. The taste is really good, a nice strong cinnamon with the burning that usually accompanies it.

I do recommend these if you want to try something different. They last a long time, as you really only need one mint at a time, not 4, and 52 of these should really last around a week. The tin design is awesome and could probably be reused for something once the mints are gone, if you feel the need to of course. Try all three flavours from Firebox, you shouldn’t be disappointed, as long as you don’t expect to be up all night after eating 3 of these.

Firebox Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Saucer

3 04 2007

firebox space food

Like the Freeze-Dried Strawberries, these were in the same size pack, with similar blurb on. The only difference being the border is now a light blue, and the nutritional information is different.

This pack has 150 calories in it, with 6g of fat, 20g of Carbs and 3g of Protein. The product description is also different to the front, instead of being ice cream, this is now ‘Cookies and Cream Ice Cream between two Chocolate Cookies’, that makes it sound a bit better, as opposed to say, solid blocks of freeze-dried ice cream.

Opening the pack reveals a paper wrapper, the back of this wrapper is slit which meant I had crumbs falling all over me before I’d even started. I opened the wrapper and saw a giant cookie that has been broken during transportation, it looked a bit like a giant version of those Oreo biscuits I’ve seen recently, and like the strawberries had almost no smell.

The taste though, was very good. I don’t know about Cookies and Cream, but to me this tastes like chocolate and vanilla. Very nice indeed. My main gripe again is that it gets stuck to your teeth, and you really need to have some water on hand otherwise it’s a bad experience. Great taste though, not worth buying again because of the price, but for a one-off or a gift, if you had to buy just one of the packs, I recommend these over the strawberries.

Firebox Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

3 04 2007

freeze-dried ice cream

This pack says that it has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice cream inside. So basically it’s freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream. I quite like the sound of that, and have a bottle of water on hand, so let’s do this!

Like the cookie, this has been wrapped inside paper, though instead of the slit resulting in crumbs, this has been wrapped over, why couldn’t they do this with the cookie?

Opening the wrapper reveals a broken block of ice cream. It has the traditional colours of pink, white and brown. Signifying respectively, the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Because of how it’s broken, I don’t have one single piece that is dedicated to one flavour, so it’s hard to describe each on its own.

Fortunately they all taste nice anyway, The chocolate is a little cheap tasting, but that’s the way it always seemed to me in Neapolitan anyway, so that didn’t bother me. The strawberry was very good, in fact I preferred it to the freeze-dried strawberries, and the vanilla was quite ambient, though similar to how it was in the ‘Cookies and Cream’ biscuit.

Again this was a sticky teeth situation, in fact this was the worst. Instead of bits getting in the teeth, this pack just put a huge gloopy coating over all the teeth which was pretty disgusting, and required brushing afterwards.

The pack had 110 calories, with 5g of Fat, 14g of Carbs and 2g of Protein. I preferred the Cookie to this in case you’re just buying one, but it was better than the strawberries.

My overall experience with space food has been a disappointment. None of it tasted that bad, but it was just plain and the majority of it was stuck between my teeth. For the price it has, I can only recommend these as a gift, for your own consumption I recommend going out and buying some normal strawberries, bourbon creams and neapolitan ice cream. You’ll save money and you’ll save your teeth.

Firebox Freeze-Dried Strawberries

3 04 2007

Freeze-dried strawberries

I was recently browsing the Firebox site in search of quirky things to purchase, when I came across their ‘Edible’ section, and noticed space food! Freeze-dried varieties of normal food that are specially made for astronauts to take into space. I picked up all three varieties they had, and the first review in this series are the Strawberries.

The pack is incredibly light, only 9g. The design on the front is quite pretty, showing a spaceman, and there is a red border around the whole pack, perhaps because of the strawberries inside. They also point out that these are ready to eat, which is something I actually wondered myself, so that’s handy.

On the back is the nutritional information and some little quirks. The entire pack contains only 30 calories, no fat or protein and 8g of Carbs. They also mention that these packs were developed for early Apollo Missions. The food is frozen to -40 degrees and then vacuum dried and sealed. Sounds delicious!

Opening the pack produces almost no smell, the strawberries aren’t bursting to get out. I put my hand in and pulled one of them out, and found my fingers covered in a red powder, and then turning the lights on realised the entire foil inside was covered in red powder.

The strawberries themselves look exactly like normal strawberries with the tops cut off, only they’re completely dry and much darker than usual. Popping one in the mouth was a bit of a shock, the strawberry flavour was much stronger than a normal strawberry. I then chewed through it, and it crunched around and got all stuck in my teeth. Little bits of strawberry stuck everywhere, not too pleasant.

I then proceeded to pour the rest out to see how many there were, this was not a good idea. The powder all fell out as well, it seemed there was a load at the bottom of the bag, it stained my hands and everything, horrible. There are about 15 strawberries in the pack, ranging from tiny to medium sized, at least compared to a pack of normal ASDA strawberries I happened to have on hand for comparison.

I don’t highly recommend these for your own personal use, as a gift they’d be pretty awesome, I could have pretended to be an astronaut whilst eating these and had a laugh, and I think kids would love the idea of these, but perhaps not the execution.