Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate

6 03 2007


Green & Black’s are a fairly new chocolate making company. Starting in 1991, they specialise in creating organic, mid/high range chocolate that is readily available in any supermarket. Green & Black’s are now owned by Cadbury Schweppes, though they operate as a stand alone business, in fact, they make absolutely no mention of Cadbury on their wrapper, so I can only assume that their statement is quite true.

Looking through their website, Green & Black’s make no attempt to hide any part of their manufacturing process, they have a section entitled ‘Bean to Bar’ in which they go through the stages that their chocolate is made. They also have a Recipes page, which shows truffles and dark chocolate cake, which I might make someday. They also sell all their chocolate online, though I have been able to find all their products in the local supermarket, and for a cheaper price, so I haven’t made use of this feature, though it’d certainly be handy for others.

The white chocolate bar is made with full cream milk and cocoa butter and ‘the most important ingredient of all – Bourbon vanilla

One thing that delights me about this chocolate is the tiny list of ingredients, and nearly everything there is Organic. In fact the only ingredient on the list that isn’t organic is Soya Lecithin. The bar came in 100g, which is the only size they produce the White Chocolate bar. It has 573 calories in the 100g, which sounds high, but isn’t too bad compared to a lot of other chocolates of a similar size. Thr majority of these calories are no doubt made up from the full cream milk.

Now onto the taste. I’m a fan of white chocolate, I know a lot of people call it fake chocolate and the like, because of the low amount of cocoa solids, but I still like it. This bar is incredibly creamy and rich, the creamy white chocolate was the main part of this, the vanilla seemed to flow out when the chocolate melted. It was very sweet, but this is to be expected with white chocolate. I have to say that this is the best white chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted. I could only eat about half of it before I was full and satisfied, and I’ll certainly enjoy the other half sometime soon. It truly is a wonderful bar, and I’m almost slightly afraid about reviewing other white chocolate bars in the future, because I know that unless they’re similarly priced, then they won’t stand up to this bar at all. My expectations have certainly risen after tasting this.

I bought this in my local Sainsbury’s for £1.19, the normal price is £1.49 per 100g bar, but they had a 30p off offer. I highly recommend this bar to anyone with a taste for white chocolate. Green & Black’s is also available in America, you can check for their availability via the website, and if you can get your hands on some then give it a go. This is mass market British chocolate at its best.