Guylian Praline

18 06 2007

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Now this is where it’s at, I completely forgot about these until someone on here mentioned them a while back, I saw this bar yesterday and had to pick it up. Billed as ‘Milk chocolate with praline filling’, that’s essentially what it is, and it’s so good.

Guylian are a Belgian company, and it shows with their work. This isn’t like the Toblerone, using knock-off Swiss chocolate that tastes nothing like it, this is high quality Belgian chocolate, with an awesome hazelnut praline filling in the middle. There are 4 pieces in each bar, each breaking off easily. Each piece has a chocolate seashell on top, and that is where the praline lies. Just under the seashell, and it goes about halfway down into the bar.

And the taste is just wonderful, the chocolate is good, it’s not greasy and it goes down well, but it is overpowered by the awesome praline filling, which is so creamy and nutty, and for a bar that’s no more expensive than any other ordinary chocolate, you’re really spoiled here. This bar really does rank high on my favourites, it’s a typical continental European bar, with the good chocolate and use of hazelnuts, and it’s hard to fault it. It’s a little small, and very more-ish, but other than that it does what it does perfectly. You have to try these at least once.

Also, if you’ve ‘come of age’, then you might want to look at this Guylian Praline Cream Liqueur, with a seahorse bottle and everything, it looks absolutely delicious!

Edit: Thanks to babycakes for the following information. Per bar this has 211 calories, 13.2g fat and 20.2g carbohydrates.