Hershey’s Take 5

14 07 2007

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Another bar from my American goodie box is the Take 5 from Hershey’s. I was told this was a slightly odd one, combining a pretzel with chocolate, peanuts and peanut butter. They weren’t wrong with that.

An odd combo indeed, pretzels are nowhere near as popular in Britain as they are in America, so with the salty pretzel, salty peanuts and salty peanut butter, I think I was allowed to be a little cautious about how this bar would turn out.

So how do they come together? Well, first as you can see in the pictures there are two of these little chocolates in the pack. I put them on my eyes in order to show how big they are (I realise there was probably an easier way to do it, but come on, you know this way was better), now what you get is a large pretzel, with peanut butter on top of it. Peanuts are then top of that, and the whole thing is then covered in chocolate.

So we have a 3:1 salty:sweet ratio here. And that’s pretty much how it tastes, you get a really strange mix of salt and then sweet, which is something I’m admittedly not used to. So I taste the sweetness of the chocolate, and then all of a sudden a piece of pretzel will touch my tongue and I get a big hit of salt.

But is it good? My word yes it is very good. I’ve said in the past and must reiterate again that I dislike peanut butter in its normal form, but this comes together so, so well. The pretzel and peanuts are nice and crunchy, adding a solid base and their own saltiness. The peanut butter is the main flavour of course, and that’s really what you’re tasting, along with the sweetness of the chocolate mixed in.

It’s an odd bar, I won’t deny that, and whether it’ll suit British taste buds or not I’m not sure. But if you like Reese’s stuff, and can handle a salty/sweet mix, then you’ll like this. The entire package has 210 calories (100 from fat), 4g Protein, 25g Carbohydrates (18g of which sugars) and 11g Fat (5g of which saturates).

P.S. I realised after that this also has caramel, the fact that I didn’t realise this whilst eating it shows how little it adds. Also, I know it looks like I have bogeys in my nose in the second picture, I assure you that I checked before and after and I don’t, it seems to be some sort of weird camera flare or something, and if you didn’t notice it before…you sure as heck will now.


Hershey’s Zero Bar

12 07 2007

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At the semi-request of the young lady who sent me the box that this was a part of, I decided to review the Zero bar, also because it was the only one there I had actually had before.

I remember being extremely fond of this before, and looking at the tagline I could imagine myself enjoying it again – ‘CARAMEL, PEANUT and ALMOND Nougat covered with WHITE FUDGE’, and yes those words I put in capital letters are in capital letters on the pack.

The wrapper is an odd grey colour, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a chocolate bar, and to be honest I think it looks pretty cool, at least as cool as a wrapper can be.

The bar itself is white on the outside, and on the inside is exactly as described – the soft nougat takes up the majority of the bar’s innards, with relatively large pieces of peanut in there as well as the extremely sticky caramel on top of it.

And it still tastes so good, every flavour in the bar comes through excellently. The white fudge is mild and cracks nicely when bitten into. The nougat is soft with the almonds being surprisingly strong, and the caramel and peanuts add their own texture to the bar, with less taste there.

The bar has 240 calories (80 from fat), 3g Protein, 36g Carbohydrates (30g of which sugars) and 9g Fat (6g of which saturates). I recommend this bar if you like nutty chocolate bars but are bored of hazelnuts and peanuts, as the main flavour here is that of the almonds.

P.S. You may note a serious increase in quality from these pictures. That’s because I’m using my mother’s digital camera, so enjoy the increase in quality of the chocolate, and decrease in quality of my face! 😦

Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar

2 07 2007

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Peanuts in milk chocolate. Hmm, this sounds exciting doesn’t it? Plain yellow pack, little to no blurb, simple looking ingredients. This is obviously an established American chocolate, but will it be to my tastes?

The bar looks the same as the regular Hershey’s bars, with the slab of chocolate split up into many small pieces, each being marked well and easily broken away. There are big, thick pieces of Peanut here. Unlike the Cookies n Creme bar, where there were many tiny pieces of cookie, here you get big halves of peanuts scattered throughout the bar.

It literally is just peanuts in milk chocolate. There is absolutely nothing else to this bar. The chocolate isn’t a great quality and left my fingers a little greasy, but the peanuts overpower it so it’s not too bad. I think this is a pretty good bar, essentially if you like peanuts and milk chocolate, then you’ll like this. Only problem is that it’s so plain, so while it’s good I wouldn’t have it again, and there’s not enough to it.

The bar contains 270 calories, 5g of Protein, 27g of Carbs (24g of which sugars) and 16g of Fat (7g of which saturates).

Hershey’s Milk Duds

27 06 2007

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These are billed as ‘Chocolatey Covered Caramels, pretty plain sounding, no? Well, that’s not the only thing plain about these.

Annoyingly I can’t compare these to anything else around, because there is nothing else around like these. I suppose the Morinaga Milk Caramel was the closest thing, but it was just caramel, without the chocolate coating. So, Hershey’s have a niche market here.

From what I hear, these are commonly eaten as a cinema snack, and can be hard to find outside of cinemas/theatres. I thought these were really plain tasting. The caramel is alright I guess, pretty standard, sticky fare. The chocolate though is poor, it just sort of flakes off, and doesn’t taste nice AT ALL. Or maybe it’s the caramel that has the poor aftertaste, either way it’s no good.

The ingredients make for disturbing reading too: Corn Syrup; Sugar; Palm Oil, etc. Nearly halfway down the list is chocolate, I guess that’s why these are ‘ChocolateY’ covered caramels, as opposed to just chocolate covered caramels.

Each serving size is 13 Milk Duds, with there being about 3.5 servings per box. Each serving has 180 calories, 1g of Protein, 28g of Carbs (19g of which sugars) and 7g of Fat (3.5g of which saturates).

Interesting to note also, that they mention that these have 33% less fat ‘Than the Average of the leading Chocolate Candy Brands’, anyone got any specific information on this? Who are they comparing these to? Anyway these taste cheap and bad and I don’t recommend them. Get some popcorn instead.

Hershey’s Mounds vs Dark Chocolate Bounty

24 06 2007

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Mounds is the American version of what we in Britain call a Bounty. Whilst the Mounds only comes in dark chocolate, the Bounty comes in both milk and dark chocolate, but considering the Mounds is dark chocolate, I thought it would be fair to compare it to the Dark Chocolate Bounty. Is there a big difference between the two brands? Let’s find out.

The packs are fairly similar, in a pure contrast between the Bounty Dark and the Mounds, they both use a dark red/white colour scheme, with coconuts of course being pictured on the front of the pack. Both packs also contain two small chocolates, both filled with coconut, but there is a difference in the coconut.

The coconut in the Mounds is almost…wet, it’s a little hard to describe, but it’s not as compact as as the Bounty, and it has a little more juice to it. I wouldn’t say it’s either better nor worse, it’s just different. The design of the chocolates are exactly the same, same size and even the same chocolate pattern on the top of each chocolate.

The tastes are fairly identical as well, the Mounds is a little sweeter I think, but again that makes it neither better nor worse, just different. The two products are nearly identical, in taste, appearance, and also their nutritional values.

The Mounds bar has 240 calories, 2g of Protein, 29g of Carbs (23g of which sugars), and 13g of Fat (10g of which sugars). The Bounty has about the same, it turns out I forgot to write down what the values are and have since thrown away the wrapper, but I’m sure it was similar. I’ll confirm it soon though if anyone wants.

Reese’s Nutrageous

22 06 2007

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There’s quite a lot to this bar, billed as ‘Crunchy Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Creamy Caramel and Chocolate Flavored Coating’. It’s a long bar, but instead of just being a normal straight bar, it’s wavy and a little unconventional.

The peanuts are sticking out all over the place, not through the chocolate, but they make the bar look strange. There’s then a caramel coating, and then a big dollop of peanut butter in the middle. The dominating flavour here is of the peanuts, and it’s hard to taste the peanut butter. The caramel flavour doesn’t come through, but the stickyness of it does, and it makes the bar rather chewy.

So as you see, there’s quite a lot to it, but it’s so delicious. Of course you have to really like peanuts in your chocolate to like this, but this is better than a Snickers bar, and better than the Peanut Butter Cups. My only complaint here is that it’s a little too sweet, the caramel hurt my teeth a little bit. But because it’s so good I can forgive them for that.

Reese’s Pieces

19 06 2007

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I was quite intrigued by the idea of these. These are little peanut butter candies covered in a crispy shell, much like M&M’s or Smarties, only they’re Reese’s.

In fact, opening the pack, these look exactly like M&M’s, but of course without the ‘M’ on them. They’re much better though, these have been done so well. They’ve really captured the peanut butter cup taste so well here. The peanut butter and chocolate come together so well, and the hard shell keeps it the inside nice and safe.

They’re deliciously more-ish as well, I could hardly help but tip almost the entire pack into my mouth they were so good, and chew on them all at once, ending up with a mouth full of peanut butter goodness.

There’s not much else to these though, they’re a little better than the Peanut Butter M&M’s from what I can remember, but both were awesome. There are 220 calories in the pack, 5g of Protein, 26g of Carbs (23g of which sugars) and 11g of Fat (7g of which saturates). Definitely try these if you can, if you like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you’ll absolutely love these.