Loacker Vanilla Cream Wafers

12 04 2007

Loacker Vanilla Cream Wafers

My Easter holidays are nearly finished, and today was the day I travelled back to my dank University dorm, leaving behind the comforts of my loving home. On our way down the motorway, me and my mother decided to stop off in the village of Banbury in Oxfordshire. During our walk around the town, we decided to stop off in one of the local coffee shops, and have a spot of lunch.

The shop offered a wide variety of wafers, biscuits and cookies to go with one’s coffee, and the ones my mum opted for were these, Vanilla Cream Wafers by Loacker. I’d never heard of this company before, but I never buy biscuits or go into coffee shops, so whilst they may be famous within that niche, they’re not well known to people outside of it.

In the pack you get six cream wafers, which look strikingly like Pink Wafers, only they’re white in colour. You get a layer of wafer, then cream, then wafer, cream, and then wafer. The vanilla cream is made up of 75% cream according to Loacker, and it tastes really quite good.

The vanilla is mild and well…creamy, it’s offset well with the wafers as well. It went well with the coffee, and they tasted delicious without it as well. They’re incredibly more-ish though, and personally I consider this to be a slight downside, as I’m relatively weak-willed, and I was lucky that my mum was there to share them with me, otherwise I’d have most likely eaten all six of them, and with coconut oil being 2nd on the list of ingredients, then you know that would not be a good thing.

No caloric information I’m afraid, as they don’t provide any, but if you ever spot these in a coffee shop, then get a pack, they’re excellent, or get the Hazelnut Cream ones which we also had, but I didn’t get to actually try!