Nestlé Koshian Maccha Green Tea Kit Kat

7 07 2007

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The last Japanese Kit Kat for a while again. This is another green tea variety, Koshian Maccha this time. Again I’m not sure what the difference is between this and ordinary green tea, so if someone wants to fill me in there then I’d be delighted, but I’m lead to believe that it has red bean in this as well. I reviewed the red (azuki) bean Kit Kat a while ago, and was impressed with its sweet, nutty flavour. So with the green tea flavour as well, I’m looking forward to this.

The pack is a lighter green than yesterday’s, which bodes well as far as I’m concerned. The bar is also a lighter green, and instead of smelling like tea, it just smells…sweet. There isn’t much aroma to it other than a very sweet smell.

The taste is sadly very plain as well. It’s hard to make out anything at all, I think there’s a little green tea there, but that’s only because it said so on the pack, so I’m really looking for it. Other than that, all I get is a sweet, creamy chocolate flavour coming through. It’s nice, just not what I was expecting.

A little disappointing in the end, there isn’t much to this bar. It’s a cross between the chestnut and the Uji-Kintoko green tea bars, but both do what they set out do better.

Note: These have been discontinued so if you want them then get them in ASAP. I’ve seen them around eBay but they’ll only last so long.


Nestlé Uji-Kintoki Green Tea Kit Kat

6 07 2007

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I don’t know what Uji-Kintoki Green Tea is, at least when compared to just ordinary…green tea. I doubt I’ll be getting many Google referrals from it though. I assume it has something to do with the tea leaves used, but in the end this is just a Kit Kat, how complicated can it be?

Hopefully not very, it looks like it may be strong. The wrapper is a dark green colour, and so is…the bar. Yeah, a green chocolate bar. It looks so tasty…still, in the interest of this blog…

The bar actually isn’t that bad. I bit into it, and my mouth was filled with a musty, bitter green tea flavour. It didn’t taste great, but I went through it, and all of a sudden it subsided a little and became creamy. Still with the green tea taste, just not the sort of bitter green tea feeling. That made the bar much better, though it’s still a strange one.

I don’t think I’d get this one again. It wasn’t bad, but it was just a little odd and not really to my liking. Then again I don’t like green tea that much anyway. If you do like it then there’s obviously a much higher chance you’ll like this, but I’m not making any promises.

P.S. I’ve since done some research before actually publishing this post. It turns out that this was red bean, maccha (green tea) and…condensed milk flavour. Well I guess that’s how I managed to get a creamy taste, but I’ll be damned if the condensed milk doesn’t put me off a bit. Also if you don’t feel a little ill from looking at the bowl of gloop in that picture that Nestlé of Japan have actually put on the front of these packs, then you have a strong stomach, because I know I feel just a little sick from looking at that.

Nestlé Waguri Chestnut Kit Kat

5 07 2007

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Chestnut is a popular ingredient in traditional Japanese desserts, so it’s not surprising to see a Kit Kat that has been chestnut flavoured finally come out. It’s not a common ingredient here though, so will my taste buds accept this strange, new flavour?

The pack is an off-white colour, a slightly dark white or pale brown, depending on how you see it. It has some Japanese writing on the front that I can’t understand, it’s probably just the name of the flavour. Opening the pack reveals the Kit Kat, which is the same colour as the pack.

It smells sort of roasted. Sweet, but a roasted nutty scent to it. The taste is absolutely delicious though. It’s very creamy and nutty at the same time. That may make it sound like hazelnut or something, but it’s nothing like that.

It’s not too rich, but nice and sweet and just a great flavour. I’d definitely want to try this one again. Shame it only came in the small 2 finger pack.

Nestlé Exotic Hokkaido Blueberry and Cheese Kit Kat

4 07 2007

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Kit Kats are back! Just a few that I got in recently, and here’s the first of four: Exotic Blueberry and Cheese.

In some cases, the word ‘exotic’ is a good thing, usually meaning something you’re not used to, but very pleasant. In this case though…exotic blueberry and cheese…suddenly the word ‘exotic’ takes on a whole new meaning. This is slightly different to the Blueberry Fromage Kit Kat I reviewed awhile ago, these have been created by Iron Chef Takagi, so are the ‘posh’ Kit Kats, and from what I can tell only come in very small packs like the one pictured.

The Kit Kat itself here looks like an ordinary white chocolate Kit Kat at first glance, but when bitten into you can in fact see that there is a purple cream between the wafers, which will be the blueberry flavouring. The taste here is really good as well.

What you get is a slight tang of blueberry, mixed with the pungent taste of the cheese. They go together really well, it’s a slightly plain taste, but it’s quite pleasant and whilst I wouldn’t go to the efforts to get this in again, I wouldn’t mind having it again at all.

Glico Almond Chocolate Crush Pocky

26 06 2007

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Identical in terms of looks to the Cookie Crush Pocky, this is the Almond Crush. Again these come in a huge box, with 7 packs containing 4 sticks.

It seems to me that these sticks are actually a little thicker than the Cookie Crush, with the almond pieces being a little bigger than the cookie pieces. The almonds do get stuck inbetween your teeth a little, but they taste good so I didn’t mind it too much.

The almonds overpower the chocolate despite there being so much chocolate on the sticks. Other than that there’s not much I can say, standard almond-chocolate combo really, and everything else in terms of box design is the same as yesterday’s.

Nutritional information is the same, as mentioned I prefer these over the Cookie Crush, but both were awesome and a ton better than the regular thin Pocky.

Glico Chocolate Cookie Crush Pocky

25 06 2007

This is a huge hexagonal box of Pocky. What you get in the box are 7 packs, each containing 4 thick Pocky sticks. The sticks here are covered by a very thick chocolate, with pieces of cookie in there as well, making the Pocky very thick and bumpy.

This stuff is pretty awesome, some of the best Pocky I’ve ever had. The chocolate is of a good quality, much better than the regular Pocky. The Pocky is at least twice as thick as it would normall be, due to just how thick the chocolate coating on it is.

If you’re a Pocky fan then you’ve really got to try these, they’re a ton better than the regular Pocky, very thick and very tasty, and with 28 sticks per box, these should last…for a whole night I guess.

Each pack has 77 calories, 1.3g of Protein, 9.3g of Carbs and 3.8g of Fat.

Shirakiku Japanese Rice Cakes

21 06 2007

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This is my first traditional dessert review. Here are Japanese Rice Cakes, also known as Daifuku, made fresh from Japan itself.

These aren’t rice cakes in the way that you might normally think of them, instead these are small balls of glutinous rice, and is then filled with sweet azuki bean paste. Glutinous rice is a short grain, stick Asian rice that becomes extremely sticky when cooked. It is then pounded into a paste and sold as mochi, or filled with various fillings and shaped to various sizes. In this case it is quite small, small enough to fit neatly into the palm of your hand. The azuki bean paste is of course made from azuki beans. I mentioned in my Azuki Bean Kit Kat review that I would try something like this at some point, and here it is.

The small cakes are also covered in a thin layer of what I think in this case is rice flour, to stop them from sticking together. The pictures don’t do these proper justice, but in this pack there are 12 cakes, 4 of each colour (white, pink and green). Each serving is 3 pieces, and despite the relatively low calories and extremely low fat per serving, these are still very filling.

I didn’t find these that sticky or chewy at all when eaten normally, but I then bit a piece of the cake itself without any of the paste and chewed it, and found that this stuff is actually extremely chewy! But the paste sort of…offsets it I guess, because as I said, when eaten normally I didn’t think these were particularly chewy at all. They’re not that sweet either, at least compared to your standard chocolate bar, or anything really of that nature. There’s a mix in here of both whole and mashed azuki beans, which again I really struggle to describe the flavour. It’s a little nutty, but other than that it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before. I really like the taste but I can imagine it being a refined taste, and something you may have to persist with, like a lot of Japanese food.

Basically this makes me want to try a lot more Oriental (Asian for the American readers) desserts, and I maybe coming to a Chinatown near you to try them!

Each serving is 3 pieces, and has 250 calories (10 of which from fat), 4g Protein, 56g Carbohydrates (6g of which sugars) and 1g Fat (no saturates). Gotta love those facts!