Hot Tamales

29 06 2007

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Hot Tamales are an artificially flavoured, cinammon jelly bean candy from America. Similar in terms of physical bean appearance to Mike & Ike’s, these only have the one flavour, and that’s hot cinnamon.

And they’re not joking, these things can get very hot indeed. I was expecting to be able to chew a whole load at once and let them sit on my tongue with only a little heat, but boy was I wrong. These are crazy hot, and I found myself having to really pass the beans around my mouth because of the spicy cinnamon.

The flavour is pretty standard cinnamon fare, unfortunately for my personal tastes these were just too hot. It made them hard to eat and started to hurt my tongue after awhile, and I could only eat half the pack before I was thoroughly sick of them. Still if you want a chewy version of the Atomic Fireballs, then this is it.

Each pack has 220 calories, 0g of Protein, 54g of Carbs (39g of which sugars) and 0g of Fat.


Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon Jelly Beans

23 06 2007

Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon Jelly Beans

Mike and Ike are, as far as I know, the principle jelly bean makers in America. Jelly beans aren’t something that have really caught on in England, though I have seen the Mike and Ike ordinary jelly beans in a few selected stores (CostCo and Woolworth’s), so perhaps depending on the popularity on these they’ll start to hit off here.

The five flavours in this pack are Orange Pineapple, Caribbean Punch, Kiwi Lime, Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Banana.

Orange Pineapple – A little more orange than pineapple, which is good because I don’t like pineapple that much. It does come through, but only in small amounts, making this very tasty.

Caribbean Punch – This tastes a little like marzipan to me, which is…odd, to say the least. It’s pretty good though, but I didn’t know Carribean people put marzipan in their Punch.

Kiwi Lime – Very good flavour, not too kiwilike or limelike, but very fruity and pleasant tasting.

Strawberry Banana – Initially a very strong banana flavour, the strawberry does eventually come through, but only just…and it’s not that good.

Pineapple Banana – This is more pineapple than banana, but it actually tastes pretty good.

Overall these are pretty nice, unfortunately quite unbalanced, I only had two Kiwi Lime flavoured beans in the pack, yet had 11 Carribean Punch beans and 10 Strawberry Banana beans.

Eating one flavour of each all at once was very pleasant, the flavours all mixed well, each flavour coming and going and nothing overpowering, really good there.

So as I said, overall these are very good. All the flavours are nice, both individually and together. I’d really like to see these brought over here if they’re not already. The pack has 200 calories, 0g of Protein, 50g of Carbs and 0g of Fat.