Kellogg’s Chocotastic Pop Tarts

8 03 2007

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are something that are much more popular in America than in Britain. We have a very limited selection available to us, as well as the Chocolate flavour, we also have Strawberry and Cookies n Creme. My local shop only had Chocolate though, so here we go.

For me, Pop Tarts came to fame when they were shown in Pulp Fiction. I won’t spoil anything though, because the Pop Tarts are part of an integral scene in the film, and I’ll leave it at that.

Opening the box, one can see 4 foil packets, each foil packet contains 2 pop tarts. Now one would assume that you should eat 2 for breakfast, however according to Kellogg’s, 1 pop tart is a serving, and looking at the Nutrition Information I can see why! 193 calories per pop tart, with 35g of Carbs (17 of which are sugar), 5g of fat and 2.5g of Protein. They mention about warming them in the toaster, but in my dorm I don’t have a toaster (my University never provided one because they keep getting stolen), and so I had to eat these ‘raw’. I don’t know if heating these will change anything, but I found these very dry. The pastry sticks to my teeth, and doesn’t taste that great. The chocolate is overpowered as well, all I can taste is cheap pastry.

All in all I was quite disappointed with these, perhaps heating these would make a difference, but I quite doubt it. I’ll have to apologise for the short review, but these are unremarkable and it’s 3:15am. I’m not sure what America likes so much about these, maybe it’s because you have so many different varieties, or aren’t so worried about the amounts of fat in each of these. Either way, enjoy them, I won’t be.