Meiji Coffee Beat

27 04 2007

Meiji Coffee Beat

This is an interesting premise, chocolate covered coffee beans. I’ve never tried such a thing before, as I don’t have coffee much, and have always belived that it was best drunk, and not eaten. But I thought that with the chocolate coating these could be decent, and decided to give them a shot.

You get a lot of coffee beans in each tube, I’m not sure how many exactly because I’ve been eating these slowly over the past week and never actually counted properly. I did originally think these were coffee beans covered in chocolate, but after actually reading the description properly, it turns out these are chocolate beans with coffee flavour, which is a bit poor.

The chocolate isn’t even nice or good quality either. It’s cheap and sticks right into your teeth, and has an odd, not altogether pleasant flavour. Supposedly you also get white chocolate beans in packs as well, but I sure didn’t. The tube is nice, and these seem to be masquerading as posh chocolate, though they’re not at all. These aren’t delicious, and they weren’t that fun to eat. For shame, Meiji, for shame…