Morinaga Petit Cheesecake

15 04 2007

Morinaga Petit Cheesecake

This comes in a decent looking box, and from the outside it looks like the contents will contain one medium sized square of what seems to be cheesecake.

I’m a little worried about this, all the cheesecake I’ve eaten has either been fresh or frozen, I’m not sure what sort of ingredients are in this to substitute for the dairy, but I hope it tastes good, and considering it’s Morinaga who make these, then it should.

Opening the box was a big surprise, instead of a square of cake, what I get are 5 tiny packets of what I now assume are individually wrapped smidgens of cake. I don’t quite get why they’ve done this, why not one square? Why five tiny squares? Perhaps this is just the Japanese way of thinking, small portions and all that.

The packets really are tiny though, each one is only 5g, it’s a bit of a pain to have to open each individually. Opening a packet reveals a terrible stench, akin to gone-off cheese. It literally smells as if they made a cheesecake, cut it into tiny portions then packaged them. There’s no strawberry smell, or lemon, or anything, just stinky cheese. Not looking forward to the taste…

The initial taste is the exact same as the smell, and so is the aftertaste, it didn’t make me gag but it’s pretty horrible. There’s lemon there somewhere as well, it’s desperate to get out, but it’s being overpowered. You can just about taste the lemon, but it’s not easy.

Also, with the individual packs, when you open them, because the cake is fit so tightly in, it tears a large side of the cake, very annoying, or perhaps that’s a good thing, because there was less for me to eat.

I ate all 5 of these, and each one tasted awful. These really are pretty bad, they just don’t work well. If you want cheesecake, then get a proper one, not this stuff.


Morinaga Milk Caramel

5 04 2007

Morinaga Milk Caramel

It’s no secret that I’m fond of Japanese packaging. Most of the Kit Kats and other Japanese treats I’ve tried seem to have had more time put into the presentation of the product, than the product itself. This sweet seems to strike a balance though, is that a good thing? Or will it mean both bad packaging and taste?

I’m not sure of the history of these caramels, though I was wondering why they say Morinaga’s as opposed to just Morinaga. The only other sweet I can think of who does this are Reese’s, as opposed to just Reese. It made me feel a little honoured to be eating them, I almost want to find Mr. Morinaga and thank him for allowing me the honour of eating his milk caramel. It should say caramels though, because this is not a big block of caramel.

It comes in a matchbox type package. With a pretty yellow background and a ton of Japanese writing on the front, sides and back. I can’t make out anything that isn’t in English or in number form. On one side it says MORINAGA’S MILK CARAMEL whilst the other has the kanji, so I’d assume it’s the aforementioned phrase, only in Japanese. The back has the nutritional information. Using my powers of deduction, I worked out that the entire box has 245 calories, 45.2g of Carbs (wow), 6.1g of Fat and 2.1g of Protein.

Pushing the bottom of the box with the tip of your thumb results in the inside being pushed forward, much like a matchbox. The top of the box then folds out and inside are 12 individually foil wrapped squares of caramel. On each foil wrapper is the word Morinaga. Again, wonderful packaging. And the design means you can just take out a caramel, and fold the box back up and save the rest for later, and with each caramel being foil wrapped, there’s no risk of the rest going stale. It’s this type of quality and care that’s usually missing in the Western market, and that’s a darn shame.

The actual taste of the caramel is different to our Western types. The appearance is slightly darker than a ‘normal’ piece of caramel, and the taste is slightly milkier, and less creamy, if there’s such a difference. I wouldn’t say it’s BETTER than our caramel, it’s just different. And it’s very good. Very good indeed. If the price is right I’ll definitely be buying these again, they can be bought on JList for $1.40 per pack, and when I checked there was only 1 left in stock, so you’d best hurry!