Soyjoy Mango/Coconut Soybar

6 04 2007

Coconut Soybar

Looking back on this purchase, I don’t know why I bought it. It doesn’t look good on the front of the pack, or the bar itself. JList don’t do a good job of making it sound good either. Perhaps that’s why I bought it, to make it sound good, but would I indeed be making it sound good? Read on…

This is a foil wrapped, fruit filled soybar from Japan. On the front is an unattractive picture of the bar, and next to it is a fruit I don’t recognise, and a coconut.

Opening the pack reveals a long, processed food bar. It looks a little like some of the cereal bars we have here, only this is more solid, and it looks to have been toasted as well.

The taste is very good, the initial taste is of pleasant fruits, and then when you chew into the bar, the coconut comes through. It’s very floral, and extremely pleasant. I’ve never had a cereal bar here that contained coconut, and I love it, so think it’s a great ingredient to have, as it’s mixed well here.

At only 137 calories, this is a great snack, it’s a little on the dry side, as would be expected from a soy bar, but the flavour really is excellent, it doesn’t look that great, but this particular flavour of Soyjoy is very good, it’s a shame I didn’t get others to compare, I’ll have to get onto that.