Hershey’s Take 5

14 07 2007

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Another bar from my American goodie box is the Take 5 from Hershey’s. I was told this was a slightly odd one, combining a pretzel with chocolate, peanuts and peanut butter. They weren’t wrong with that.

An odd combo indeed, pretzels are nowhere near as popular in Britain as they are in America, so with the salty pretzel, salty peanuts and salty peanut butter, I think I was allowed to be a little cautious about how this bar would turn out.

So how do they come together? Well, first as you can see in the pictures there are two of these little chocolates in the pack. I put them on my eyes in order to show how big they are (I realise there was probably an easier way to do it, but come on, you know this way was better), now what you get is a large pretzel, with peanut butter on top of it. Peanuts are then top of that, and the whole thing is then covered in chocolate.

So we have a 3:1 salty:sweet ratio here. And that’s pretty much how it tastes, you get a really strange mix of salt and then sweet, which is something I’m admittedly not used to. So I taste the sweetness of the chocolate, and then all of a sudden a piece of pretzel will touch my tongue and I get a big hit of salt.

But is it good? My word yes it is very good. I’ve said in the past and must reiterate again that I dislike peanut butter in its normal form, but this comes together so, so well. The pretzel and peanuts are nice and crunchy, adding a solid base and their own saltiness. The peanut butter is the main flavour of course, and that’s really what you’re tasting, along with the sweetness of the chocolate mixed in.

It’s an odd bar, I won’t deny that, and whether it’ll suit British taste buds or not I’m not sure. But if you like Reese’s stuff, and can handle a salty/sweet mix, then you’ll like this. The entire package has 210 calories (100 from fat), 4g Protein, 25g Carbohydrates (18g of which sugars) and 11g Fat (5g of which saturates).

P.S. I realised after that this also has caramel, the fact that I didn’t realise this whilst eating it shows how little it adds. Also, I know it looks like I have bogeys in my nose in the second picture, I assure you that I checked before and after and I don’t, it seems to be some sort of weird camera flare or something, and if you didn’t notice it before…you sure as heck will now.




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15 07 2007

i like pretzels and chocolate because the salt goes good witht the sweet chocolate and caramel.

16 07 2007

Ha! Clever….

Just goes to show strange can be good! 🙂

16 07 2007

Alyssa – I can see why you’d like it, but there’s nothing like it here which is why it took me by surprise, do note that I did really like this though!

Sera – I was worried that picture would actually backfire on me completely and people would think it was a really dumb thing to do. Oh well, if they do I can always…delete their comments! Mwahahaha…

19 07 2007

Do they sell those in the UK? I live in the US and I was just curious as to how much they charge for them. I think you can get them here from anywhere around 50¢ to 70¢.

19 07 2007

I haven’t seen these anywhere in shops or online, so I was lucky I got them in my box. I mentioned in a comment on the Kinder Bueno how much we can be expected to pay for standard American chocolate though.

1 02 2008

I remember chocolate-covered pretzels from the early Nineties in the UK. I think it may have been Nestlé. They obviously didn’t take off. Shame because I liked the salty/sweet combo.

5 06 2008
Michael McGreggory

I have always felt that the flavor of salty sweet chocolate is one of the best flavors that can be enjoyed. Salty nuts, salty pretzels…..salty almost anything when covered in your favorite gourmet chocolate is wonderful. Another of my favorites is my favorite gourmet chocolate flavored with hot, spicy chili pepper.

12 02 2009
24 05 2010

Take 5 bars are very good! Good review!

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