Takeda C 1000 Vitamin Lemon Drink

16 04 2007

Takeda C 1000 Vitamin Lemon Drink

Only my second ever drinks review. I don’t plan on doing these too often, only when I have something special in and feel I need to put a review of it up. I figured this one was quite special, a tiny bottle from Japan.

This drink only has 140ml, and it sure does show. It’s tiny! They’re like little potions or something, and when I unscrewed the lid and gazed into the yellow fizz below me, I was tempted to cackle like a mad scientist before downing it in one gulp and transforming into some sort of beast. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. And unfortunately it is gone in just a few mouthfuls, but it’s nice. It’s very similar in terms of taste to Lemon Fanta, though it’s billed as a sort of energy drink, in the same field as Red Bull and Power/Luco/Gatorade. It’s packed full of Vitamin C and supposedly big name sports stars in Japan are used to advertise this.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a mini version of Lemon Fanta, it may be packed full of Vitamin C, Glucose and all sorts, but I didn’t get a rush from it, and it was tiny. Tasty, but tiny.