KP Toffee Choc Dips

4 06 2007

KP Toffee Choc Dips

I saw these in my local shop and decided to pick them up as I’d only ever seen the chocolate flavour before. I’m not actually that fond of these things to be honest, tasteless bread sticks with a mediocre dip, so I thought I’d best let you all know just how I feel.

These little pots are made by KP, though there’s also a copyright from Meiji Seika, one of Japan’s biggest confectioners, so I’m not sure what the situation is there. What you basically get here is a pot with one side of toffee dip and the other side holding about twelve 6cm long biscuit sticks.

The toffee dip is made from sugar, vegetable oil, dried whole milk, and other such ingredients. The biscuit sticks are as plain as you can imagine, and my main gripe is that I usually end up with a few leftover, because you don’t get much dip.

The toffee flavour isn’t that great either, and unless you get a large amount of it on the stick, the stick overpowers the toffee, and so it usually ends up with you putting on far too much dip, and having 3 or 4 sticks at the end to either chuck away or just munch down. Not my idea of a tasty snack, so this is best avoided.

Each pot has 170 calories, 20.1g of Carbs (11.4g of which sugars), 9.4g of Fat (3.4g of which saturates) and 1.3g of Protein.