Fry’s Chocolate Cream

14 06 2007

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Fry’s, perhaps more famous for making the Turkish Delight bars, are a subsidary of Cadbury. Evidentally the Fry’s brand means something if Cadbury have decided to keep it on some of the bars.

One such bar is the Chocolate Creme bar, billed as ‘Dark chocolate with fondant centre’. Sound familiar? It sounds to me like a dark chocolate version of the Cadbury’s Creme Egg bar I reviewed a few days ago, but will it be as good?

One of the biggest disappointments with this is that they don’t tell you how dark the chocolate is, this in fact the first dark chocolate bar I’ve ever seen that hasn’t listed it, and from the taste of things it’s not very dark at all.

What it is though, is sweet. Sickeningly sweet. Sweeter than a Creme Egg. The fondant centre hurt my teeth it was so sweet, and it wasn’t as nice as a Creme Egg either. I know I’m being unfair comparing it to a Creme Egg, but they’re made by the same company (sort of) and have similar taglines, hence the comparison. It isn’t a plain fondant, it instead has a slight flavour to it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

The main downside is that it’s just too darn sweet, it makes the whole thing a little sickly, also on the backside of the bar were a ton of scuff marks, as if the chocolate had been poorly made, granted I only had the one and I may have been unlucky, but it just looked like no real care had gone into the presentation of the bar. Also, though there seem to be segments to the bar, they’re not indented at all, so good luck actually trying to break the segments, because it took a fair bit of effort from me.

Anyway, there’s no real competition for this anyway, in terms of there being no other dark chocolate bar with a Creme Egg-esque fondant centre, so if you really want to try one then go for it. It has 210 calories, 1.4g of Protein, a monstrous 35g of Carbs and 7g of Fat. Eat these in moderation, because no doubt the 35g will be mainly sugar.