About The Chocolate Review

The Blog

This blog is all about chocolate and snack food in general. I originally called it The Chocolate Review, thinking that I’d only be reviewing chocolate, but with such a large and varied snack world, I decided within days that I would also review snack foods in general, and even drinks and gum if they took my fancy, but with chocolate being my main review product. Basically, anything sweet is at risk of being entered here!

There is a bias in as much as I live in England, and hence have been brought up around English chocolate and tastes, and of course have my own tastes. I’m most likely to review English chocolate because it’s cheap and readily available, though I do make a special effort to import food from countries that it is easy to import from, in most cases the USA, Japan, and parts of Europe.

I’m not too fond of dark chocolate, but will be as objective as possible with it, but other than that I’ll try anything with an open mind and an open mouth!

The Author

I’m Terry, and am a 19 year old student currently enrolled at Northampton University. As a child I had a love of chocolate, and used to consume it in large amounts, resulting in me becoming overweight. Over time I’ve lost the weight, but not the love of chocolate, and thought that I might as well write about my reviews if I’m going to buy it. And so one night, sitting in my dorm, I created this blog, posted my first review, and never looked back! The hardest part of this whole thing was just getting it up and running, and trying to get people to visit!

Despite being a student, I don’t drink or smoke and have a job, working plenty of hours, meaning I have plenty of spare cash. As part of a balanced diet, I try to put up a review everyday, though during holidays and such it’s harder, and I may post more than one review a day shortly before and after such periods in order to ‘make up’ for a lack of reviews over a period of time.

Contacting the Author

You can contact me at the email address at the top of the page, feel free to send me emails if you wish to ask me a question, recommend me anything, or even send me chocolate! I won’t answer to spam, and your email address will be marked as such if I receive any, and I will bin emails that are typed using text language, 1337 language or however you know it. I can understand bad English, but if you’re not putting any effort in, then neither will I.

When it comes to sending chocolate, just contact me at the above email address and we can discuss things, of course as a keen importer then I’m certainly not inexperienced with receiving cardboard boxes full of chocolate mixed with newspaper shreddings and such. As long as you’re not sending me anthrax, then I’ll be happy to receive (and review of course!) your chocolate.


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